Article: Check Out Musician Joe Dias’ New Cover Of “Mine” PLUS Listen To His New Single & Acoustic EP Here!

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Musician Joe Dias is on a roll with an endless amount of incredible music. Needless to say, we all love listening to this talented artist’s music on constant repeat and he has truly touched the lives of many with all of his impactful songs. Whether it’s working on a super catchy pop song or bringing rock back to this generation, Joe Dias excels in everything that he works on. We can all see how much passion he puts into the work he does – from releasing awe-inspiring, original music of his own, to mastering every song’s production, inspiring younger kids to love music and make it a part of their lives and now, getting back to sharing awesome, weekly covers. Joe Dias can do it all and do everything so magnificently.

The outstanding Joe Dias just recently released his brand new cover of Bazzi’s “Mine.” Already, the cover has been receiving great praises from everyone. Joe Dias put his own rock ‘n roll flair to the song and added some of his signature guitar riffs that makes his music stand out in the entertainment business.

Joe Dias shared the excellent tweet as seen below:

Be sure to stay tuned for more excitement from Joe Dias as he will be releasing new covers every Sunday on his YouTube channel, so don’t forget to subscribe here. He revealed that he plans on having his next cover be Bruno Mars’ hit song, “Versace on the Floor.” Check out Joe Dias’ spectacular cover of “Mine” below.

All of the music magic doesn’t stop there. Joe Dias recently released a touching and heart-warming song titled “You + Me.” The song will give anyone the #feels and it’s a great song that makes everyone believe in true love. As always, Joe managed to put his own style to the song to make it something that guys and girls and people of all ages would love to listen to. The production is incredible, the lyrics are mind-blowing and it’s another song that everyone will be listening to 24/7.

Joe Dias shared the post as seen below on his Instagram account:


You can listen to “You + Me” out now on Spotify, Apple Music and all other music streaming platforms.

If you’re looking for more new music from Joe Dias, then his phenomenal, acoustic EP should be your go-to. Joe Dias kicked off 2018 in an amazing way by releasing so much terrific music for fans to enjoy. He compiled some of his greatest hits and released an acoustic EP titled, “Memories: On Replay.” The EP includes his breathtakingly beautiful song “In Dreams” as well as other acoustic versions of songs including “The Next League,” “Dark Magic” and “Away.” Joe Dias never fails to surpass everyone’s expectations with his sensational music.

Joe Dias shared his excitement over the EP release back in February and wrote along with a post he shared on his Instagram account, “Ahhhhh!!! I’m so excited for this EP to be out. This is a collection of acoustic versions of the songs I have written that mean the most to me. Please go check it out if you enjoy acoustic music 🎶 Thank you for all your support 👌🏻 – Joe.”


Joe Dias certainly has a countless amount of exciting projects up his sleeve. He hinted at his new single being released soon titled, “Clean Slate” and it will blow your mind once again.

For extraordinary music to listen to this summer and beyond, be sure to listen to Joe Dias’ songs on Spotify, iTunes and all other music platforms. Follow Joe Dias on Twitter and Instagram: @JoeDiasOfficial and be sure to stay tuned with him and all of his upcoming projects. Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, are YOU excited to hear “Clean Slate?”

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