Article: Musician Joe Dias Brings Rock Back To This Generation With His New EP, “Rally Cry” — Listen Here!

Photo Credits: @JoeDiasOfficial on Twitter // Edit by: @RikiProsper on Instagram

The phenomenal musician Joe Dias is known for creating some of the most magnificent songs that we all love listening to on constant repeat. True passion for rock ‘n roll music runs through his veins and he never fails to leave us all in awe with his brilliant music. Well, it’s the day we all have been waiting for — some more brand new music from the multi-talented artist and there’s no doubt about it, this has to be his best project yet!

The incredible Joe Dias just released his new EP titled “Rally Cry” featuring four of the most electrifying and breathtakingly beautiful songs. Each song has so much meaning to Dias and his main goal was one thing: a rally cry to stand for the music he believes in. It’s clear to see how much hard work Joe Dias put into this EP. His vocals are perfection, the instrumentals are impeccable and the production is next level. Joe Dias shares his effortless talent in all of these songs and he makes the music-making process so seamless.

Joe Dias shared some clips of his songs on Twitter as seen in the tweets below:





Joe Dias is doing a remarkable job in bringing rock back to this generation. He continues to surpass fans’ expectations with all of his stellar projects. Be sure to listen to “Rally Cry” out now on all music streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify and more!

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