Article: Musician Joe Dias Released His Incredible, New Single “Anxious” – Take A Listen To It Now!

Photo Credits: @JoeDiasOfficial on Instagram / Artwork by: @RikiProsper

What started with musician Joe Dias hearing a rubber band slide across a salad box, ended up becoming an incredible, new song that everyone has been listening to on constant repeat! It goes to show that Dias’ creative juices are always flowing and his passion for music allows him to hear a musical potential in just about everything. Who knew that with some added flair and production from Dias, the sound of a rubber band can contribute to creating an invigorating rock song that can’t be beat.

The musically inclined Joe Dias’ songs just keep getting better and better. It’s clear to see the time, effort and dedication he put into his new single, “Anxious.” The production of this song is next level and Dias continues to show his professionalism in all that he does. To enumerate all of his talents, Dias not only has an outstanding singing voice, but he also plays all of the instruments in his songs, writes his own lyrics and produces and mixes his own music.

Dias shared on Twitter the meaning behind his new song, “Anxious.” He said, “I wrote my new song “Anxious” as a therapeutic way to convince myself how stupid and outrageous the anxiety I get is… I know FOR SURE it will help anyone else who deals with anxiety. We are above letting it control us!!!! #December7th #Anxious.”

The phenomenal Joe Dias is truly a gifted musician and he makes an impact in the lives of many with his stellar and remarkable music.

Joe Dias shared his excitement over the release of his new single on Instagram. Along with his post he wrote, “Worked Really Hard On This One!!!!!! Trying to continually improve my mixing and production skills one track at a time. Enjoy this section from my new song “Anxious” and if you like it, make sure you stream the whole track on Spotify or Apple music!!! It is also available on iTunes! Thanks! Art by @rikiprosper.”


Get ready to be left in awe with Joe Dias’ spectacular, new song “Anxious” out now on Spotify and all other music streaming platforms!

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