Bella Thorne Enjoys A Day At The Zoo 8/5/12! (@BellaThorne)


There is an endless amount of things to do during the summer time and one fun activity is to go to the zoo!! Bella Thorne enjoyed her day today, August 5, 2012 with some great company as she visited the San Diego Zoo. Bella Thorne tweeted, “Having fun @sandiegozoo”. Bella Thorne shared these amazing pictures in this article through her Instagram account.

Along with the picture above Bella Thorne wrote, “Zoo fun @tristan_klier89 @bellapendergast @theremythorne22 @whoiskyleswanson”. Looks like they all are having loads of fun! Check out these pictures Bella Thorne shared today at the zoo. What fantastic, up close and personal pictures Bella has of the animals from the zoo! Terrific!

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