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VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Electric Sky Wine Joins A Fun Day Of Wrestling, Good Music & More At Interscope Records’ Party!

21 Apr


What do you get when you combine some wrestling fun, great music and a fantastic wine brand? You get Interscope Records’ awesome party that took place yesterday, April 20, 2017. When a renowned record label hosts a party, we all know that it’s bound to be a spectacular one, and what made it even more special was the terrific wine brand, Electric Sky Wine’s presence at the event. Aside from jamming out to the amazing music that was blasting through the speakers, attendees were also able to snack on some delicious tacos made right at the event.

In addition, guests at the exclusive party were entertained by watching masked wrestlers get tossed in the air and fight for the championship title. Check out a little clip of all of the excitement below.


Interscope Records’ partner, Electric Sky Wine has been getting so much buzz from all of its consumers and the buzz is truly worthy. This wine brand comes in stackable containers, something that hasn’t been seen before with any other kind of wine. Packaged in four, single-serve portions, Electric Sky Wine is perfect for those who are out on the go and enjoying some time at fun events including music festivals. In fact, Electric Sky Wine has been having a big presence at music festivals including Coachella as well as upcoming music festivals such as Governors Ball and Bonnaroo, where Electric Sky Wine will be the exclusive wine sold at the events.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had an excellent time at Interscope Records’ party. Be sure to follow up on all of the upcoming excitement with Electric Sky Wine by visiting


VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Electric Sky Wine Helped Attendees Celebrate A Sweet Night At The Sour Patch Kids House – Alexisjoyvipaccess RECAP!

19 Apr


First they’re sour, then they’re sweet, and for emerging artists, the Sour Patch Kids house is definitely a sweet place to stay at. If you asked anyone what their favorite candy is, Sour Patch Kids is, without a doubt, included in almost everyone’s answer. Not only is the candy brand a total hit when you want to fulfill your sweet tooth, but it has also made great efforts to show support towards musicians and their life on the road. We know that so many of our favorite musical artists spend a lot of time away from their home – whether it’s touring or traveling around the world to create new music, take care of some press gigs, and promote their projects. The Sour Patch Kids brand has opened several homes, the first one in Brooklyn, to provide a nice place for musicians to stay and have a sweet time when they’re not in their home sweet home.

In fact, the Sour Patch Kids brand also has a home in Hollywood, of course, where music is always bustling. A special, very exclusive party was held at the Sour Patch Kids home, also known as the Hollywood Patch, on April 18, 2017 where attendees were able to tour the awesome home and see all of the super cool and relaxing rooms perfect for some lounging and down time. One room that especially stands out in the Sour Patch Kids home is the music room – which includes a microphone and two guitars, perfect for musicians who come and visit to jam out on and create the terrific tunes of theirs that we all love listening to. Of course, another thing that people can’t miss as soon as they enter the house is the fantastic, grand piano decked out in an American flag design.

Sour Patch Kids candy are laying out everywhere in the house and it’s basically a candy lover’s dream come true. Another special treat for attendees was present at the event – Electric Sky Wine. These stackable wines have truly been all the rave – from parties to incredible music festivals. In fact, Electric Sky Wine was even present at the renowned Coachella music festival and will be the exclusive wine sold at other highly-anticipated music festivals including the Governors Ball and Bonnaroo. Attendees at the exclusive party were able to sip on some Electric Sky Wine which comes in various flavors: Pinot Grigio, Rose and California Red Blend – all of which are favorites amongst everyone who tries it.

The night continued off with an excellent performance from the immensely talented musician, Bipolar Sunshine. His performance was accompanied by some brilliant piano-playing and Bipolar Sunshine continued to leave everyone in awe with his outstanding talent. He sang many of his hit songs and also did a mesmerizing piano rendition of his song “Middle” with DJ Snake.

It certainly was a fun-filled night at the Sour Patch Kids house. I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had a phenomenal time at the Sour Patch Kids exclusive party. Check out some photos below from my wonderful time at the event.

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Article: Cabana Anna Swimwear Kicked Off The Summertime In An Amazing Way With Its Fabulous Runway Show!

3 Apr

Photo Credits: @CASwim on Instagram

It’s officially the month of April and you all know what that means, right?! It’s the start of festival season – from Coachella to Ultra Music Festival, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, and more, it’s time to get all of your best festival attire and swimwear out for festival season and the summertime. The fantastic swimwear company, Cabana Anna Swimwear, that has the greatest swimsuits that we all love to wear just recently hosted a phenomenal and fun-filled event on March 30, 2017 at the Skybar at the Mondrian in Los Angeles, California. Cabana Anna Swimwear made a magnificent splash at the Skybar and showcased all of the amazing swimsuits we can’t wait to rock these next couple of months!

The terrific event started off with an excellent cocktail hour which was followed by a brilliant performance by Glee‘s Bonnie Brooksbank.


The outstanding event then continued off with a Cabana Anna Swimwear runway show which showcased all of the cutest and most marvelous bikinis available this season from the spectacular baiting suit company. From sensational, striped two pieces to wonderful, one piece baiting suits, we definitely have so many heart-eye emojis for all of the pieces that were worn during the runway show.


To top off the stellar night, attendees were able to shop styles right off the runway and get ready for an unforgettable summer with the perfect baiting suit. In addition, attendees were able to also get styled at the festival beauty bar. Needless to say, the night was absolutely extraordinary and a remarkable way to get in the summertime / festival spirit.

Brands and companies that supported the event include Algenist, Chella Brow Bar, Orogold Cosmetics, Queen Bee Salon & Spa, Benefit, and Airelle Skincare.

Be sure to follow Cabana Anna Swimwear on Instagram: @CASwim to keep up with Cabana Anna Swimwear and find your new favorite bikini to wear!