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VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Cameron Boyce Interview With Alexisjoyvipaccess At The 9th Annual Thirst Gala!

27 Apr


If you need us, you can always find us fan-girling over the spectacular Cameron Boyce! (and could you blame us?!) What’s not to love about the brilliant Cameron Boyce? We could seriously go on and on about how incredible he is. Cameron Boyce has and continues to prove himself to be one admirable and gifted actor whose indescribable talent truly makes him stand out in the entertainment industry. Cameron Boyce first stole the hearts of fans with his fantastic role of Luke Ross in the highly-acclaimed, hit, Disney Channel show, Jessie. His exuberant energy and exceptional charm brought a big smile on everyone’s face anytime we were able to see him on our TV screens. The remarkable Cameron Boyce has exhibited his talent in a countless amount of other renowned projects including the movies Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 as well as shows such as Jake and the Never Land PiratesGamer’s Guide to Pretty Much EverythingBunk’dLiv and Maddie and many others. In addition, Cameron Boyce has been mesmerizing everyone with his iconic role as Carlos in the Descendants trilogy. There are no words to fully describe just how extraordinary Cameron Boyce is and he shows that he can excel in anything and everything that he does.

Cameron Boyce truly defines what it is like to be a multi-talented individual. He’s an unrivaled actor, a phenomenal dancer and one true inspiration to all of his fans. Despite having such a hectic schedule – between working on set of his stellar projects to being in rehearsals and attending prestigious, red carpet events, Cameron Boyce always makes time to volunteer and make a difference in this world. In fact, he was even honored with the 2018 Pioneering Spirit Award at the 9th Annual Thirst Gala for all of his outstanding and motivating work to help those in need. Cameron Boyce is one of the kindest individuals on this planet. He is a pure package – charismatic, immensely talented, handsome and a terrific role model to all of his fans. It’s clear to see why Cameron Boyce was destined to have the successful career that he does in the entertainment world.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had the greatest honor of covering the 9th Annual Thirst Gala and had a marvelous time catching up with and interviewing the magnificent Cameron Boyce again at the event. Cameron Boyce dished exclusively to Alexisjoyvipaccess all about what he would like to see happen in Descendants 3 and what is a memory that sticks out to him the most from working on the Descendants movies only in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE updated interview. Cameron Boyce even sent out a wonderful message to all of his fans – hear what he had to say in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE updated interview below. Thanks for another awesome interview, Cameron!

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE updated interview with the sensational Cameron Boyce at the 9th Annual Thirst Gala below!

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VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Kenny Ortega Interview With Alexisjoyvipaccess At The 9th Annual Thirst Gala!

25 Apr


He’s the man, the myth, the legend – he’s the one and only, Kenny Ortega. The prolific Kenny Ortega truly needs no form of introduction. He is an icon in the entertainment industry and one of the most respected and admired directors in the biz. The stupendous Kenny Ortega is the mastermind behind some of the most renowned projects. He directed films including the highly-acclaimed and fan-favorite High School Musical trilogy, the Descendants movies, Hocus Pocus and many others. He also choreographed legendary films including Dirty DancingPretty in PinkFerris Bueller’s Day Off and many more. It’s clear to see that the consummate director / choreographer has made the most tremendous impact in the lives of so many. If it weren’t for the extraordinary Kenny Ortega, we wouldn’t have some of the most recognized and striking dance moves and memorable movies.

Kenny Ortega is also known for directing the concert film, Michael Jackson’s This Is It and he directed tours for some of the most phenomenal musicians including Michael Jackson, Cher and Gloria Estefan, to name a few. Kenny Ortega has the eye for brilliance and he brings out some of the most breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring projects you will ever see. The remarkable Kenny Ortega continues to create masterpiece after masterpiece. Kenny Ortega’s talent is unparalleled and his achievements truly cannot be beat. We owe it all to Kenny Ortega for changing the lives of many and bringing so much joy to everyone through all of his outstanding projects. His kind heart and his warm and charming personality are just some of the many things that people love about him. He puts so much passion into all of his projects. People can attest that Kenny Ortega makes everyone he works with feel so special and he allows them to see their potential and continue to build upon their craft. Kenny Ortega is truly a genius who has made an everlasting mark in the entertainment world and in the lives of all of his fans and colleagues.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had a wonderful time covering the 9th Annual Thirst Gala and had the greatest honor of interviewing the sensational Kenny Ortega at the event. Kenny Ortega talked exclusively with Alexisjoyvipaccess all about what he is looking forward to the most for fans to see in Descendants 3, what advice he would give to fans on how they can get involved with amazing organizations like the Thirst Project and so much more only in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview. Kenny Ortega even revealed what he would like to see happen if there was a High School Musical 4 created – hear what he had to say in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview below. Thanks for the stellar interview, Kenny Ortega!

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the magnificent and exceptional Kenny Ortega at the 9th Annual Thirst Gala below!

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