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Article: DJ Phenomenon Julian Jordan Releases Brilliant, New Track “The Takedown”! Listen Here!

2 Mar


With a recent release of his track, “Rage” with Sander van Doorn and Firebeatz, the prolific and remarkable: Julian Jordan is at it again with another awe-inspiring and stellar track! March 2, 2015 marks the date that another one of Julian Jordan’s chart-topping, exceptional tracks has been released. DJ phenomenon, the one and only, Julian Jordan released his latest track “The Takedown” today and it is another one of the many examples that proves that Julian Jordan is one absolute EDM legend and household name. Julian Jordan is clearly taking over the world from every country to name and his talent is beyond extraordinary and indescribable! EDM lovers who get the honor of seeing Julian Jordan perform live have been in the same venue as an EDM genius and naturally talented individual.

Julian Jordan takes fans inside another one of the many busy days in his life through his terrific “The Takedown” music video with excellent clips from his outstanding performances!

Profound DJ Julian Jordan tweeted, “THE TAKEDOWN is out now on Beatport!! Get your copy here: “.

Start off your month of March right by buying Julian Jordan’s track “The Takedown” on Beatport at this link: https://pro.beatport.com/release/the-takedown/1470927 and check out “The Takedown” music video below! Congrats on another stupendous track, Julian! Julian Jordan is truly so admirable!

Follow Julian Jordan on Twitter: @JulianJordan and check out our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview in NYC here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbRClOU0IDU

Article: Sander Van Doorn, Julian Jordan And Firebeatz Release Another Chart-topping Track “Rage”! Listen Here!

24 Feb


Three of the world’s greatest DJs producing one track together – well, the outcome is one word… a “masterpiece”! EDM fans – get ready for a track that will give you so much energy, a track that will get you pumped up and a track that is racing up the EDM charts. Presenting you Sander van Doorn, Julian Jordan and Firebeatz’s latest work of art, their new track “Rage”. DJ sensations Sander van Doorn, Julian Jordan and Firebeatz are at it again with another remarkable track that will be the anthem of every music festival to name. The beatdrops and the epic beats of the track will truly give you chills.

Sander van Doorn tweeted, “YES!! My collab with & ”RAGE” is out now on !! “.

Julian Jordan tweeted, “RAGE is out now! “.

Firebeatz tweeted, “Did you get your copy yet? “.

“Rage” will have you wanting to hit the dance floor the second the track comes on. Check out the official music video of “Rage” below and be sure to buy “Rage” on Beatport at this link: https://pro.beatport.com/release/rage/1463420 . Another extraordinary track! Don’t forget to share “Rage” to all your friends and family on all your social media networks!

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Article: Julian Jordan Releases Sensational Preview To His Upcoming Track “The Takedown”! Listen Here! (@JulianJordan)

25 Jan


Have you ever been left speechless after listening to a track? Well, that is exactly how you will feel after listening to DJ sensation: Julian Jordan’s preview to his stupendous track “The Takedown”. With just a snippet of the song, you will already be in a trance with the track’s electrifying and chilling beats. Not to mention, “The Takedown” has one of the greatest drops you could possibly hear in an EDM track. Julian Jordan’s track “The Takedown” is set to release on March 2, 2015!

Spinnin’ Records tweeted, “BIG release coming up on : ‘The Takedown’ by is nothing short of a BANGER!  “.

“The Takedown” will have you saying one word – “WOW”! At all the upcoming music festivals, “The Takedown” will truly be one of the greatest hits! The remarkable and absolutely exceptional, Julian Jordan is at it again proving himself to be a magnificent and incomparable DJ!

Check out Julian Jordan’s amazing preview to his track, “The Takedown” at this link: https://soundcloud.com/julianjordan/julian-jordan-the-takedown-available-march-2/s-ZPa4T and be sure to buy “The Takedown” once it comes out on March 2, 2015!

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Article: Sander van Doorn, Firebeatz And Julian Jordan Give A Preview To Their New Track, “Rage”! Listen Here!

21 Jan


Many music festival line-ups have already been released and that only means one thing – some of the greatest music festivals including Ultra and Coachella are coming to town! And with music festivals comes all new music and electrifying tracks from some of the most consummate DJs / music producers out. With three legendary DJs together on one track – “Rage” is bound to be another chart topper. The remarkable Sander van Doorn, Firebeatz and Julian Jordan have just recently released a preview to their upcoming track, “Rage” that will be available February 16th. The preview of “Rage” has everyone ready to just get up and dance and without a doubt this will be a music festival favorite to listen to. Three spectacular DJs and a magnificent beat – “Rage” has it all!

Sander van Doorn wrote along with a photo shared through his Instagram account, “Check out where and I found inspiration for our collab called ‘Rage'”. Check out the Instagram photo here: http://instagram.com/p/x1-mIawM0P/

Julian Jordan tweeted, “RAGE “.

Firebeatz tweeted, “Yesss the preview of our new track ‘Rage’ with & is now up on Soundcloud! “.

Check out Sander van Doorn, Firebeatz and Julian Jordan’s invigorating and mesmerizing preview to their track “Rage” at this link: https://soundcloud.com/doornrecords/sander-van-doorn-firebeatz-julian-jordan-rage-available-february-16 and be sure to share it around to all your friends and family. Buy “Rage” when it comes out on February 16th!

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