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VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: The Los Angeles Times Kicked Off A Month Of Food-Filled Events At Their “Things In A Bowl” Launch Party – RECAP Here!

1 May

Photo Credits: Jennifer Johnson

May is the month we all have been waiting for as it kicks off one of the most anticipated events – the Los Angeles Times‘ LA Food Bowl. This month-long celebration is every #foodie’s dream come true as every day in May there will be an exciting, food-inspired event. The LA Food Bowl celebrates the greatest in the Los Angeles food and drink scene. Are you a pizza fanatic? Then, you’ll definitely want to head on over to the LA Food Bowl’s “Pizza Fest… A Tutti Pizza.” Do you want to snack on some delicious treats from the outback? Then, you need to join the Australian BBQ event with Chef Ben Shewry. Do you love street markets and want to get your hands on some of the most mouth-watering treats? Well, the Night Market is definitely calling your name! It’s clear to see that there is never a dull moment during the LA Food Bowl and you’re going to want to grab your friends and family members to attend as many events throughout this month as you can.

Last night, April 30, 2018 was the start of all of the fun as the Los Angeles Times hosted its “Things in a Bowl” launch party for the LA Food Bowl. Attendees were able to enjoy scrumptious foods from a variety of spectacular and renowned, food stations. The event included foods that satisfied all of your taste buds. Sweet, savory and spicy – the “Things in a Bowl” event had everything and more that you could have possibly asked for.

Attendees were able to warm up their stomaches with a delicious, good ‘ol American meal from Honey’s Kettle. Get ready to get hungry (if you aren’t already) because Honey’s Kettle gave guests a magnificent dish filled with its signature fried chicken, an all-American mac n’ cheese (which was to die for!), maple glazed yam and a sweet krispy pepper. Yum, oh yum!

This year’s “Things in a Bowl” event was hosted at Rossoblu, which served some terrific treats including some prosciutto appetizers. Locol touched the soul of all attendees with their soul dish which included red beans, greens, rice and cornbread. There’s no surprise that Locol served one outstanding, fan-favorite dish as Locol was last year’s winner of the Best Restaurant Award at the LA Food Bowl.

One of the most highly-acclaimed Sichuan cuisine restaurants, Chengdu Taste, served a wonderful dish of steamed egg with ground pork. In addition, the skilled chef Antonia Lofaso from Scopa Italian Roots was at the event offering some superb, chorizo dishes. It was definitely a favorite at the event that people couldn’t get enough of. For all of the cheese lovers, DTLA Cheese had its own station where guests were able to feast on some delectable, artisan cheeses. Night + Market and Shibumi were also at the event treating food fanatics with the best of the best.


After a night of tasty and appetizing treats, it’s only natural that your sweet tooth would be triggered. Eat Wanderlust – aka the greatest ice-cream shop out, gave attendees a scoop of heaven with their out of this world ice-cream flavors. Guests were able to pick three flavors of their choice and have their scoops of happiness piled onto a one of a kind, signature ube cone. Eat Wanderlust brings ice-cream to another level. You will be amazed as you will never have had as mouth-watering of an ice-cream as this one. There’s no question as to why everyone was lining up to get their taste-buds tingling at Eat Wanderlust.


The consummate Los Angeles Times food critic, Jonathan Gold attended the phenomenal event. Admired chef, Yoshihiro Narisawa was also present at the event. More excitement continued as the winners for this year’s Restaurant of the Year Award and Gold Award were announced. Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger of Border Grill were honored with the prestigious Gold Award. The Restaurant of the Year Award was presented to Carlos Salgado’s exceptional restaurant, Taco MarĂ­a.

The “Things in a Bowl” event was an incredibly classy and decadent start to a month of sensational, food-filled events. I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had the greatest honor of covering and attending the LA Times’ “Things in a Bowl” event and it was a stupendous event that showcased what makes Los Angeles one of the most recognized food capitals in the world. This marvelous event brought together a variety of food from all over the world and it is just the start to a lot more foodie fun this whole month of May.

Check out some more pictures below from the Los Angeles Times‘ “Things in a Bowl” event and be sure to follow @LAFoodBowl on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all of the amazing events throughout this month. Visit here to see the full line-up for the LA Food Bowl and join in on the conversation by using #LAFoodBowl on all social media networks!

Photo Credits: Jennifer Johnson

VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: The Los Angeles Times Presented A Tasty Preview To Its Upcoming LA Food Bowl In May – RECAP Here!

19 Feb

Photo Credits: Jennifer Johnson

We all can agree that basically everyone is a #foodie. C’mon, who doesn’t like to eat?! It’s a great way to socialize, a fantastic opportunity to learn about different cultures and their cuisines, and when you’re bored, what else is there to do than eat?! That’s why the month of May is every #foodie’s dream come true as the renowned Los Angeles Times is back with its LA Food Bowl – a whole month full of food-inspired events that will get everyone’s taste buds going.

The highly-acclaimed Los Angeles Times presented a tasty preview on February 6, 2018 at the Otium in Downtown Los Angeles, California of its much-anticipated LA Food Bowl set to take place the entire month of May. Attendees were able to snack on some delicious treats in preparation for the big celebration of the LA Food Bowl in a couple of months. Dominique Ansel’s out of this world, mouth-watering cronut holes were all the rave and fulfilled everyone’s sweet tooth. Other incredible treats at the event included octopus tabbouleh, avocado beets with wild rice amaranth miso, roast lamb and cauliflower tacos, as well as some exquisite Prosecco to wine and dine with. It truly was a brilliant event and attendees can attest that after a day as splendid as that one, the LA Food Bowl can only promise even more excitement!

The LA Food Bowl has an endless amount of phenomenal events, panel discussions, chef collaborations and volunteer events that people can look forward to. The entire month of May will celebrate cuisines from all over the globe, recognize some of the most respected and admired chefs, many of whom will be making special and rare appearances at the LA Food Bowl, as well as other terrific food and drink-inspired events that you will never forget. Some of the many highlights from this year’s upcoming LA Food Bowl include the Night Market that will feature 50 food vendors, outdoor dining areas and entertainment in Grand Park from May 16th – May 20th. The Night Market was a big hit at last year’s LA Food Bowl and garnered over 45,000 attendees.

Other spectacular events to look forward to include the “Things In A Bowl” launch party which will also announce who will be presented with the Restaurant of the Year Award and the Gold Award. Last year’s Restaurant of the Year Award winner was Locol and the Gold Award was presented to Wolfgang Puck. Events including the “Changing the World Through The Power of Food” conversation, the “Outstanding in the Field” feasts, the “Scienceandfood” discussion at UCLA, the Food Tours of L.A., the Gold Film Festival, and the “Chef Showcase,” which is a one-day event with panels, demonstrations and tastings featuring leading chefs, are all events that you should mark down on your calendar and be sure to attend!

The best part about the remarkable LA Food Bowl, which will have over 250 events, is that it will also help bring awareness towards world hunger, food insecurity, food waste and sustainability.

The full line-up of the LA Food Bowl will be announced on March 31st at lafoodbowl.com. You don’t want to miss this month-long celebration dedicated to all food lovers. It will certainly be the trending topic here in LA.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had a marvelous time attending the Los Angeles Times‘ LA Food Bowl preview day and I’m extremely eager to keep you all updated with all of the exceptional happenings leading up to and during the LA Food Bowl. Check out some more pictures from the LA Food Bowl preview day below and be sure to join in on all of the fun. Make May a month you will never forget and bring your family and friends to all of the events during the LA Food Bowl.

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Photo Credits: Jennifer Johnson