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VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Here Are The 5 Incredible Items Inside This Month’s Luxor Box — Find Out What’s Inside In This Unboxing Video Here!

25 Jul


Nothing can top the euphoric feeling you get when you find a lovely Luxor Box waiting for you at your doorstep. It goes without saying that Luxor Box truly is the greatest subscription box service on this planet. The company symbolizes pure class, the highest quality of items and an unforgettable experience for every Luxor Box member. Luxor Box is unlike any other subscription box service you have ever used before and once you join the Luxor Box family, you’ll never want to use any other subscription box service. Luxor Box ships out every other month and curates the most marvelous items together to give you a box filled with an endless amount of joy and fun. Receiving phenomenal items that you can put to use everyday? Check! Getting your money’s worth? Check! Having a special escape from your hectic, everyday life through this one magical box? Check, Check, Check! Seriously, what could possibly be better than Luxor Box?!

We know, you’re probably sitting at the edge of your seat wondering how you can join in on all of the excitement (if you haven’t done so already). Well, to become a member, all you have to do is visit Luxor Box’s website and choose between two, amazing options – either the Luxor Box subscription plan or the Petite Box subscription plan. Either option, you’re bound to be in love with all of the items you receive. If you go for the Luxor Box plan, you pay $139 every other month with free shipping. You’ll receive between four to nine of the most elegant items that you’ll find yourself instantaneously mesmerized by. Another option is the Petite Box, where you pay $50 every other month with free shipping and you’ll receive two to four, spectacular items. Both plans are definitely worth your money – the items inside the box value more than what you’re paying for. For instance, with the Luxor Box plan, you’re paying $139 for a value of over $275. WOAH! You can also join the annual membership, which is an excellent deal, as you pre-pay for six boxes and get one free. The annual membership is $695 for the whole year and has an $834 value.

Needless to say, Luxor Box never fails to impress all of its members and in fact, this company actually manages to surpass everyone’s expectations with each and every box. Just when you thought the last Luxor Box couldn’t get any better, this remarkable company goes the extra mile to make the following month’s box even more sensational. Luxor Box brings together the most stupendous items in beauty and skincare, home decor, clothing, jewelry and beyond. The happiness you get from opening your Luxor Box and seeing all of the brilliant items inside is truly indescribable. You can use every single one of the items on a daily basis and Luxor Box always leaves everyone in awe with the fantastic quality of their items and their stellar, customer service. All of the items come from some of the most admired and respected brands and Luxor Box directs you to even more companies that you’re going to want to check out and get more products from.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had an exceptional time partnering with the outstanding Luxor Box again to share with you all a brand new unboxing video! In this terrific video, I show you all what is inside this month’s July box — from a stunning and sophisticated, cuff bracelet from Dean Davidson to an adorable Halcyon Days palm tree trinket box and many other items. It’s hard to choose what my favorite item is because all of the items are so wonderful and useful.

Luxor Box is, without a doubt, the most extraordinary gift to give – whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary or any other special occasion. The best person to give Luxor Box to is yourself, so visit here to get your start on becoming a member!

Check out my Luxor Box unboxing video of the July box below. Don’t forget to follow @LuxorBox on Twitter and Instagram and share the love by posting pictures, boomerangs and Instagram stories of your Luxor Box!


VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: What Is Inside Luxor Box’s May Subscription Box? Find Out In This Unboxing Video Here!

13 Jun


It’s certainly the gift that keeps on giving — we’re talking about everyone’s latest obsession… Luxor Box! You’ve definitely heard all of the buzz about Luxor Box and let’s just say that the buzz is truly worthy. Luxor Box is an extraordinary subscription box service that ships out every other month. What could possibly be better than receiving an exceptional box filled with four to nine of some of the most luxurious, high-class and terrific quality items? It’s the greatest surprise to look forward to. Luxor Box truly exudes such class and elegance!

There are a lot of subscription box services but none of them can compare to Luxor Box. This brilliant and unrivaled subscription box company offers two options – the Luxor Box plan which contains between four to nine items that together have a value of over $275. The Luxor Box plan ships out to both the United States and Canada. Just as much fun but smaller in size is the Petite Box plan. The Petite Box contains between two to four items and together has a value of over $75. The Petite Box ships out to the United States only. With whatever plan you subscribe to, you are bound to be mesmerized by Luxor Box and the joy that it brings with all of its magnificent products.

Luxor Box goes above and beyond to bring the best of the best to all of its clients. Luxor Box brings together some of the most phenomenal products from spa treatments to accessories, home decor, skincare products and beyond. The value of the items in Luxor Box surpasses the amount you are paying for your subscription plan so you are definitely getting a bang for your buck. All of the items in Luxor Box are from renowned brands that are praised for their superb quality. Luxor Box gives subscribers their very own happy place as soon as they open the beautiful, turquoise-colored box. The box alone is so gorgeous and just wait until you see all of the extravagant goodies inside. Luxor Box puts so much effort and thought into selecting the items in each of the boxes. The items also manage to correlate with one another. For instance, in this month’s box, there is a sarong from Tilo and shades from WeWOOD, amongst many others. These are two items that are perfect to use together for a nice, summer day out on the beach.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had the greatest honor of working with Luxor Box again to show you guys all of the marvelous items that are inside the May box. The May box has all of the summer essentials including a sarong from Tilo, an insulated and infusing bamboo water bottle from Welly that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours, chic and stylish shades from WeWOOD (any item purchased from WeWOOD helps plant one tree and encourages everyone to help save the environment), a matte white candle from La Lueur and an uplift body tonic oil from Delia Organics. All of these products are items you can use on a daily basis. Luxor Box is an experience like no other. It truly is a piece to the equation of being happy in life.

Check out my Luxor Box unboxing video of the May box below and be sure to follow @LuxorBox on Twitter and Instagram! You can join in on all of the fun by becoming a member of the Luxor Box family here.

VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Find Out What Is Inside This Month’s Luxor Box In This Unboxing Video!

30 Mar


‘Tis the season to #TreatYourself and what better way to do so than with an incredible, subscription box making its way on over to your doorstep?! Say hello to Luxor Box – aka your new obsession. Luxor Box is a subscription box service that is delivered to you every other month with some of the most luxurious items that will instantaneously leave you in awe. Subscription boxes are all the rave and the greatest trend right now, but nothing can quite top Luxor Box’s elegant items and exceptional service.

Luxor Box gives members an extra special something to look forward to every other month. The items inside the box are the best of the best and come from brilliant companies who provide only the greatest quality in their items. Luxor Box offers two, amazing options. You can choose between a Luxor Box or a Petite Box. The Luxor Box comes with a total of four to nine items and is available in the United States and Canada. The Petite Box is a smaller version that comes with two to four items and is available in the United States only. Both memberships have free shipping.

We know that life can get super hectic and sometimes stressful and Luxor Box is a magnificent way to take some time to relax and enjoy all of the fabulous products inside. Items range from spa treatments to beauty product must-haves, jewelry, home decor and beyond. There isn’t a better feeling than the feeling you get when you receive your Luxor Box and have the excitement of opening it up to see all of the fun surprises inside.

Luxor Box truly goes above and beyond to put together a box that has some of the most classy, high-end items. Luxor Box brings subscription boxes to another level with breathtakingly beautiful items that you can put to use everyday. Where can you find a subscription box that contains a clutch from a renowned brand like RÉNA IMAN that costs $125 and jewelry from Robyn Rhodes that costs around $80. It’s clear to see that you definitely get your money’s worth with all of the extraordinary items Luxor Box curates.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had the honor of partnering with the wonderful Luxor Box to do a special, unboxing video and show you all of the goodies that are inside this month’s box. I was blown away by all of the outstanding items. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a lot of subscription boxes, but Luxor Box definitely stands out as the best. I adore Luxor Box’s chic, signature wrapping – it reminds me of a dazzling Tiffany & Co. box. As soon as I opened my box, I was on Cloud 9 with all of the stellar items.

Without a doubt, Luxor Box is the greatest gift to give – whether it’s to your friends, family members or YOURSELF! It is guaranteed to always put a big smile on everyone’s face. Luxor Box never fails to surpass members’ expectations each and every time.

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE unboxing video / review of Luxor Box below to see all of the remarkable items inside this month’s box – I can’t choose which item is my favorite!

Be sure to follow Luxor Box on Twitter and Instagram: @LuxorBox and become a member here.


VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Inside TMG And CIREM Cosmetics’ Incredible Pre-Oscars Gifting Suite With Alexisjoyvipaccess!

7 Mar


The 90th annual Academy Awards was truly unforgettable. There were many highlights at this year’s extraordinary, star-studded award show, however, some of the most memorable moments not only happened during the Oscars but before it too. TMG and CIREM Cosmetics’ outstanding pre-Oscars gifting suite was definitely the talk of the town leading up to the prestigious Academy Awards as the marvelous gifting suite celebrated spectacular brands and vendors and pampered attendees before the big day.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to attend a pre-Oscars gifting suite? Well, wonder no more! I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had the greatest honor of being invited to attend TMG and CIREM Cosmetics’ pre-Oscars gifting suite and it definitely was one luxurious day. Join me as I show you what my fun day was like – from getting my makeup done to getting so many fantastic goodies and beyond!

My day started off with a wonderful facial from CIREM Cosmetics. This remarkable, beauty product brand is known for bringing out some of the most awe-inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful results. CIREM’s first product that was released was its “3-In-1 Serum” which contains Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and Retinol. The results from using CIREM products are mind-blowing. The way that CIREM’s products rejuvenate your skin and help bring about fresh and new skin cells is unlike any other product you have used before.


When I got my facial using CIREM products, I felt like a new person. My skin felt so smooth and my face looked so much more luminous and it was glowing. CIREM cosmetics are the perfect thing to use before a big event, an exciting day like a wedding or a prom, or just when you want to go around town and embrace your bare face. Even the CIREM bottles and containers are so classy and elegant and the packaging reflects their brand so well. One of my fave products from CIREM is the skin jewel that not only makes your skin feel great but it also is a fantastic thing to use when you want to treat yourself to a nice facial massage. You can get your CIREM products here.


Next stop: getting my nails done by TNL – The Nail Lounge. Using a terrific OPI nail-polish and getting to take a bottle home, I was able to get a marvelous manicure that I absolutely adore. The Nail Lounge, located on Santa Monica Boulevard, is definitely a go-to spot to get your nails done. Following my manicure, I had a brilliant time getting my hair done by Ouidad. The magnificent hairstylists at Ouidad did such a lovely job giving me red-carpet ready curls. Needless to say, I was in love with their work and their hair products are just as excellent. If you want to get your hair curled, there is no other place to go to other than Ouidad as the brand and salon is known for being the “curl experts.” Whether you want loose curls or tight ones, there are many products that you will love. If you want to get your hair done all fancy, you need to check out one of Ouidad’s salons located in New York City, Santa Monica, and Fort Lauderdale. For more on Ouidad, visit here.


Hair done – check. Nails done – check. Only thing left: MAKEUP!!! My fabulous and dazzling makeup was done by Maria Angelic Korompis at Ginny Cosmetics. I was speechless with my excellent, smokey-eye look and it was the perfect finishing touch to my lavish day. Ginny Cosmetics uses natural skincare and no animal testing. These products are definitely a must-have for all beauty lovers! Get your products from Ginny Cosmetics here.


After my sensational morning of pampering, I was escorted around the gifting suite to check out all of the amazing goodies. I had a great time visiting Passport to Beauty – a creative and unique brand brought out by Shalini Vadhera – the beauty and brains and author of the highly-acclaimed book, Passport to Beauty: Secrets and Tips from Around the World for Becoming a Global Goddess. This extraordinary brand brings out wonderful, beauty products that contains beauty secrets from all over the world. If you love traveling and if you love makeup (who doesn’t?!), then this brand will definitely excite you as much as it did for me. For more on Passport to Beauty, visit here.


Luxor Box, another awesome vendor at the event, is a subscription box where you get to indulge in the curated boxes filled with so many stellar products. What a treat to gift this to your friends and family members. Check out Luxor Box here.


Terrific fashion brands: Grindstone and XOA Lifestyle were also present at the gifting suite. Grindstone brings together the worlds we all love the most – fashion, art and music. All of the clothing – from epic jackets to super trendy shirts, hats and more, are things you definitely will want to add to your wish list. Grindstone’s clothing will definitely amp up your style creds and make you look oh, so stylish everywhere you go. Grindstone teamed up with XOA Lifestyle, another spectacular brand that brings out some of the most incredible OOTDs you have ever seen. You’re literally going to want everything from this brand. Whether it’s the awesome street wear, crop top sets, jerseys, or eyewear, XOA Lifestyle should be a part of your everyday attire. To get your clothes from Grindstone, visit here and XOA Lifestyle here.

Other brands at the gifting suite include Zicam – the best pre-cold remedy and allergy relief. With constant traveling or the new spring season approaching, Zicam is what you need to fight back any colds coming your way.


With a day filled with pampering and gifting, yummy treats were at the event to fill up your tummy. Planet Smoothie gave two options of delicious smoothies. They’re yummy and healthy – what could get better than that?! In addition, Cheetos shared its super delish Cheetos popcorn – yes, it’s a thing and it’s so good! Cheetos also had a fun photo-booth at the gifting suite where you were able to snap some cool pictures or create a cute GIF with your snack. Formaggio Selection also had a variety of outstanding cheeses – so scrumptious! HINT water and KIND bars were a fan-favorite treat to enjoy while at the gifting suite.




TMG and CIREM Cosmetics’ pre-Oscars gifting suite was definitely the most stupendous day. Check out a recap video of my remarkable time at the exceptional gifting suite below. Thank you TMG and CIREM for having me – I had the greatest time ever!