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Article: Jay Hardway Brings Out Another Masterpiece With His Remix Of Sam Feldt And Deepend’s Track “Runaways!”

25 Nov
Photo Credits: Spinnin' Records YouTube

Photo Credits: Spinnin’ Records YouTube

The holidays have come a little early as the internationally acclaimed DJ Jay Hardway has given us all a special gift. The remarkable and immensely talented Jay Hardway recently released his remix to fellow profound DJs Sam Feldt and Deepend featuring Teemu’s track “Runaways.” Jay Hardway’s remix of the song is absolutely extraordinary and as always, he has brought out another musical masterpiece. The remix will put you in the greatest mood and is one of those feel-good tracks you can’t stop listening to. We’re so grateful that we have such a magnificent music producer like Jay Hardway who shares his exceptional art and talent with the world in such an awe-inspiring way.

The stupendous Jay Hardway shared the awesome tweet as seen below:

Jay Hardway’s remix is sensational – be sure to listen to it here and check out the video for the remix below! Don’t forget to share it around to all of your friends and family on all of your social media networks!

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Article: Sam Feldt Gives Two Breathtaking Performances During Weekend 1 And 2 Of Coachella! [PICTURES HERE]

24 Apr


Photo Credits: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images North America

Two of the most talked about weekends have officially come to a close, and yes, we’re talking about Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 of Coachella! The renowned and prolific DJ Sam Feldt gave two breathtaking performances during Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 of Coachella and the stupendous DJ truly made everyone’s Coachella experience absolutely unforgettable. It certainly was the most mesmerizing and euphoric atmosphere with the sun setting and Coachella attendees dancing in the desert to some of the most amazing Sam Feldt tunes.

The remarkable Sam Feldt shared the excellent tweet below of his phenomenal experience performing at Coachella.

Performing his many chart-topping tracks at the sensational music festival, Sam Feldt’s performances were definitely a highlight at both weekends of Coachella! Check out more photos below from Sam Feldt’s performances at both Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 of Coachella. Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, did YOU see Sam Feldt’s performances at Coachella?

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Article: Sam Feldt Releases His New Track “Been A While” And It Will Be Your New Obsession! Listen Here!

7 Feb


One word to describe the incredible Sam Feldt: a music genius. The extraordinary Sam Feldt has created some of the most magnificent EDM tracks we all love listening to. From “Show Me Love,” to “Hot Skin,” “Drive You Home,” and the list goes on and on, the remarkable Sam Feldt can add another new track to his list of stupendous, chart-topping songs. Sam Feldt just released his latest track titled “Been A While,” and if you are looking for a track that can make you feel so happy within seconds of listening to it, this track is definitely for you! A perfect track for all of the upcoming music festivals, “Been A While” is definitely everyone’s new obsession.

Check out Sam Feldt’s epic, new track “Been A While” at this Beatport link: and on iTunes and check out the official music video for “Been A While” below! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what do YOU think of “Been A While”?

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