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Article: Prepare To Be Blown Away By The Fourth Kingdom’s Exceptional Cover Of Justin Bieber’s Song “Friends!”

25 Aug

Photo Credits: The Fourth Kingdom

Musical phenomenon Justin Bieber just recently released his exceptional and brand new song, “Friends” and needless to say, we have been listening to it on constant repeat. As if we needed anymore of a reason to love the song even more, boy band sensation, The Fourth Kingdom just shared their very own breathtaking, acoustic cover of “Friends” and we are absolutely obsessed with it. The Fourth Kingdom never fails to leave us all in awe with their phenomenal, musical projects and their cover of “Friends” is so stupendous.

Shane, Jaxon, Sebastian, and Kyle’s remarkable, singing voices all joined together makes one musical masterpiece. The black and white aesthetic of the music video adds an extra special vibe to the cover. The Fourth Kingdom is truly one of the most talented groups on this planet and they definitely are making waves in the entertainment industry.

The Fourth Kingdom shared a clip of their acoustic cover of “Friends” on their account as seen below.


Prepare to be blown away with one of the best covers you will ever listen to and be sure to check out The Fourth Kingdom’s “Friends” cover below! Also, don’t forget to buy The Fourth Kingdom’s “Friends” cover out on iTunes now.


Article: Internationally Acclaimed Boy Band State Of Mind Changed Their Name To “The Fourth Kingdom” – Find Out Why!

3 Aug

Photo Credits: @TheFourthKingdom on Instagram

Boy band sensation, State Of Mind have already made such a tremendous impact in the entertainment world with all of their incredible music, spectacular performances, and wonderful, music videos. They have and continue to leave us all in awe with their exceptional talent and their passion for music. With the recent release of their new single, “Always Need You” featuring Flo Rida and the highly-anticipated release of their other brand new single titled, “Broken,” it’s clear to see that there is even more greater things in store for this extraordinary band, which is why they decided to change their band name.

Just recently, State Of Mind announced that they are changing their band name to “The Fourth Kingdom.” They made the exciting announcement on all social media platforms by writing the following, “

What if YOU wanted to conquer the world? If YOUR biggest wish is to to connect with all different kind of people throughout the entire planet & share what you love the most…

But… THEY can’t find you easily , or they confuse you with SOMEBODY ELSE that has the same name – Sebastian, Kyle, Jaxon & Shane REALLY WANT YOU to find them with a simple click on a phone, ipad or computer! We felt that with our name STATE OF MIND we couldn’t do that.. We received emails from all over the world asking where can we follow you, where can we join , where we can hear your music… Therefore we thought hard about it & decided to change our band name!

While we were looking for a new name we imagined about a place where YOU & MANY OTHER FANS could come & enjoy our music, our lifestyle , OUR DREAM.. Maybe even somewhere were we could all be Kings & Queens, together!

So we decided to make that place for YOU & US! FROM NOW ON EVERYBODY discover OUR Journey in OUR kingdom… THE FOURTH KINGDOM! Short 4TK!

We sincerely hope that all of YOU , our Kings & Queens will continue to take this journey together with us, to share our dream & we promise you all a BUNCH OF GREAT MUSIC & CONCERTS & MEET & GREETS along the way!

We will have a landing page soon online @ and our socials will also change to The Fourth Kingdom.

Let us know what you think about 4TK! Use #thefourthkingdom #4TK Last but not least we want to welcome you to 4TK, “THE FOURTH KINGDOM.”

We can’t wait to continue to join The Fourth Kingdom on their magnificent, musical journey. They always leave us all in awe with their exceptional, musical masterpieces and we know that they will have many more marvelous successes coming their way.

Also, be sure to check out The Fourth Kingdom’s acoustic version of their new single, “Broken” and be sure to stay tuned and buy “Broken” once it’s out soon.


Be sure to stay connected with The Fourth Kingdom on Twitter: @TheFourthKingdm and on Instagram: @TheFourthKingdom

Article: Boy Band Sensation State Of Mind Released Their Extraordinary, New Single With Flo Rida – Listen To It Here!

16 Jul

Photo Credits: @StateOfMindWorld on Instagram

There is no question about it that we listen to boy band sensation, State Of Mind’s extraordinary music on constant repeat. With hit songs such as “How Did We Get Here,” “Reckless,” and many more, State Of Mind’s music is always our go-to and something that we could listen to 24/7. State Of Mind revealed a couple of months ago that they worked on a spectacular song with musical phenomenon, Flo Rida, and since then, we all have been at the edge of our seats with excitement waiting for the single to come out. Well, the day has finally come and once again, State Of Mind has surpassed everyone’s expectations with their brilliant, new single titled, “Always Need You.”

State Of Mind’s music has such great rhythms and beats to it that makes us all just want to get up and dance. “Always Need You” is such a great song to jam out to and it’s definitely the song of the summer. State Of Mind truly did another remarkable job with this exceptional song that will definitely race its way up all of the music charts.

The stupendous State Of Mind shared a clip from their “Always Need You” music video as seen below on their Instagram account.


Be sure to buy State Of Mind’s amazing, new single, “Always Need You” out now on iTunes and check out their official music video for the outstanding song on VeVo! Here at, I’d like to send a big congratulations to State Of Mind on their excellent, new single.

Follow State Of Mind on Twitter: @StateOfMindWrld and on Instagram: @StateOfMindWorld and check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with State Of Mind below!

Article: State Of Mind Gives A Behind The Scenes Look At Their New Music Video – Check Out Their Third Vlog Here!

22 Apr

Photo Credits: @StateOfMindWorld on Instagram

There’s only one journey to go on and it’s the State Of Mind journey. Boy band phenomenon, State Of Mind has been keeping busy with their worldwide takeover – from Belgium straight to the US and all across the globe, State Of Mind’s incredible music, phenomenal stage presence, and outstanding projects has and continues to leave everyone in awe and there is no question as to why their success continues to skyrocket as the milliseconds go by. This year will definitely continue to be State Of Mind’s year as they have a lot more exciting projects in store that they are ready to share with their fans – from new music, their highly-anticipated, debut album, more performances, and even a new music video!

Speaking of a new music video, State Of Mind shared the third chapter of their journey on their YouTube channel and in this video, they gave a behind the scenes look at what it was like working on set of their music video for their song, “Lose Yourself.” State Of Mind band members: Jaxon, Shane, Sebastian and Kyle gave fans an inside look at their fun time working on their remarkable music video which is bound to be another one of their many hits.

State Of Mind continues to work so hard to bring out the very best for all of their fans to enjoy, so needless to say, they don’t get much down time. However, when they do, it’s always a great time and State Of Mind definitely lives it up to the fullest. The vlog also shows State Of Mind members soaking up some sun on their first day off after eight full days working in the studio in Los Angeles.

Check out State Of Mind’s sensational, new vlog below. Plus, be sure to watch their previous vlogs on their YouTube channel here.


Follow State Of Mind on Twitter: @StateOfMindWrld and on Instagram: @StateOfMindWorld and check out our interview on State Of Mind’s YouTube channel and the Alexisjoyvipaccess YouTube channel below.

Article: Catch Boy Band Sensation State Of Mind’s Performances In New York City – Tickets On Sale Now!

12 Apr

Photo Credits: @StateOfMindWorld on Instagram

It’s clear to see that boy band sensation State Of Mind is taking over the entertainment world by storm. Hailing from Belgium, this extraordinary boy band spent some time in Los Angeles and now, is currently in the City That Never Sleeps working on their debut album, which is certainly bound to be another one of their spectacular, musical masterpieces. They’ve already made an impact all around the world and now they’re ready to leave everyone in awe with their upcoming, live performances in New York on April 22nd and April 24th.

The stupendous band revealed that they will be having a special performance at the Writers League on April 22nd at 6:00 PM. They shared the excellent photo as seen below on their Instagram account.


If you miss their performance on the 22nd, or would just like to see them perform again (because who wouldn’t love to see this exceptional band perform live?!), then you’re in luck, as State Of Mind will also be performing on April 24th. Tickets can be purchased here.


State Of Mind always blows everyone away with their brilliant performances and incredible projects. You don’t want to miss out on their concerts in New York City so be sure to mark your calendars and get your tickets to see a performance you will never forget!

Follow State Of Mind on Twitter: @StateOfMindWrld and on Instagram: @StateOfMindWorld and check out our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview on both State Of Mind’s channel and the Alexisjoyvipaccess YouTube channel below!

Article: State Of Mind Takes You Along Their Journey To Los Angeles – Watch Their First Vlog Here!

2 Apr

Photo Credits: @StateOfMindPge on Instagram

There is one boy band sensation that is having an awesome and incredible worldwide takeover – they cause pandemonium everywhere that they go, they’re the group with some of the most talented members, and they’re the band that brings out the greatest music we all have ever heard, they’re the one and only State Of Mind. State Of Mind band members: Sepp Hendrix, Kjell Baghein, Gilles Muylle and Sebastian De Rooij all made their way to the City of Angels as they’re currently working on their highly-anticipated, debut album, which is bound to be another one of State Of Mind’s many awe-inspiring musical masterpieces. The stupendous band has been busy at work the second they landed in La La Land creating many excellent projects that will truly mesmerize their fans.

State Of Mind invited fans to join them along their journey and their exciting time in the US with their first vlog that they uploaded onto their YouTube channel. The video takes fans along with State Of Mind as they head off from Belgium and make their way on over to Los Angeles with their traveling partner, Connections.

The extraordinary State Of Mind wrote along with a photo they shared through their Instagram account, “Go watch our FIRST EVER VLOG ON OUR OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL! We will be uploading NEW VLOGS WEEKLY! Come & experience THE JOURNEY with us! ❤ our fans WORLDWIDE. Link in our bio. #subscribe #comment @connectionsbe @playbookmusic @connectionsbe #hellobankbelgium.”

Join State Of Mind throughout their fun time in Los Angeles and their upcoming trip to New York City and be sure to check out their first, fantastic vlog of the many below. Don’t forget to share it around to all of your friends and family and subscribe to State Of Mind’s YouTube channel here to keep updated with all of their new vlogs every week!

Follow State Of Mind on Twitter and Instagram: @StateOfMindPge and check out our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview in LA below!

VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Boy Band Phenomenon State Of Mind Interview With Alexisjoyvipaccess In LA!

2 Apr


It all started when four immensely talented guys took on the stage and blew everyone away as they each competed on The Voice Belgium. After joining together to become the boy band sensation we all are obsessed with, the rest is history, and these brilliant and extraordinary guys known collectively as State Of Mind are now taking the entertainment world by storm in a way like no other boy band you have seen before. State Of Mind is destined to make history as one of the greatest boy bands the music world has ever seen. State Of Mind has and continues to make such a great impact in the lives of all of their fans through their outstanding music. Each of the band members: Sebastian, Jaxon, Shane, and Kyle have the most indescribable, raw and genuine talent for creating their phenomenal music that we all enjoy listening to. Shane, Jaxon, Kyle, and Sebastian all have their incredible charm, charisma, excellent style, passion, and terrific dedication for what they do and fans can’t help but totally swoon over this remarkable band.

State Of Mind started off 2017 in an exceptional way with the release of their awe-inspiring and mesmerizing, new single, “How Did We Get Here.” The song is a massive hit and as soon as it released, fans have been listening to it on constant repeat. In fact, “How Did We Get Here” was even used in the trailer for the highly-acclaimed, fan-favorite show, Tyrant in Belgium – yet another one of State Of Mind’s many stellar accomplishments. Music is a universal language and as for State Of Mind, their music is certainly something that connects fans from all over the world. State Of Mind’s songs allows fans to truly cherish the gift of music, feel the amazing emotions that music brings, and their music has definitely changed the lives of many. Listening to State Of Mind’s music can instantaneously put a smile on your face and brighten up your day like no other.

State Of Mind’s success continues to skyrocket and it’s clear to see why with all of the hard work they put into making all of their spectacular musical masterpieces. The boy band is currently in Los Angeles and will be making their way on over to New York as they are working on their much-anticipated debut album. The album will consist of several, magnificent songs that are bound to be chart-toppers and fans will definitely have a difficult time choosing their favorite track as each song will leave you speechless.

Jaxon, Kyle, Shane, and Sebastian are all assets to the music world. Every time they perform – whether it is on stage in front of thousands and thousands of fans, at a stop on their school tour, in a radio station, or just anywhere and everywhere, State Of Mind always surpasses everyone’s expectations with their unrivaled and one of a kind talent and fantastic stage presence. These guys work endlessly to bring out nothing but the best for all of their fans and the best is truly what they bring. In addition, all four of them are some of the most down-to-earth guys you’ll ever meet and there is no question about it that they deserve all of their achievements and the many more coming. State Of Mind is already a household name and a musical phenomenon. Get ready because State Of Mind is taking over your heart, your state of mind and the world!

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had a wonderful time catching up with and interviewing the musically-inclined State Of Mind here in Los Angeles and the excellent band and heart-throbs dished exclusively to Alexisjoyvipaccess all about what it has been like for them thus far being in the studio and working on their debut album, what it was like for them having their song, “How Did We Get Here” in the Tyrant Belgium trailer, what the creative process was like working on their song with Flo Rida, and so much more only in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE updated interview. State Of Mind even described the feeling they get when they perform for their fans using an emoji and they took on a fun speed round and revealed something that fans may not know about them, who is most likely to be the best dancer of the group and more – hear what they had to say in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE updated interview below. Thanks for another super fun interview, State Of Mind – always a blast chatting with you guys!

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the stupendous State Of Mind in Los Angeles below!

Follow State Of Mind on Twitter: @StateOfMindWrld and on Instagram: @StateOfMindWorld and be sure to get their song “How Did We Get Here” available now on all download and streaming platforms. Be sure to check out the official music video to “How Did We Get Here” below and don’t forget to share it around on all of your social media networks!