Get To Know More About… Thomas T-Money! (@ThomasTMoney)

You may have seen Thomas T-Money show off his awesome dance moves in the tv show America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6, but do you know what kind of music he loves to listen to? Or a time he would love to time-travel back to? I was able to have an interview with Thomas T-Money on November 8, 2011 and now you all can “Get To Know” the talented Thomas T-Money from the ICONic Boyz a little more!

Q. First, middle and last name? A. Thomas Anthony Miceli Jr.

Q. What toothpaste do you use? A. Colgate Total

Q. Best type of cake? A. Chocolate with cream

Q. I love the smell of ______. A. French toast from mom

Q. How do you like your popcorn? A. In a bowl

Q. What did you do last night? A. Watch football

Q. What’s your favorite comfort food? A. Tacos

Q. High fashion or Total casual? A. Total casual

Q. I would love to see _______. A. Busta Rhymes

Q. I would love to time-travel back to __________. A. When my sis was born

Q. I would love to time-travel forward to ________. A. When I could drive

Q. Can you change a tire? A. Yes!

Q. Romantic dinner for two or Big party? A. Big party

Q. Favorite take-out food? A. Pizza

Q. Favorite smoothie? A. Vanilla Shake

Q. Hair color? A. Brown

Q. Favorite game as a kid? A. Madden 12

Q. Lone Ranger or Team player? A. Team player

Q.  What are you good at? A. Dancing

Q. Favorite accessory? A. Hats

Q. I love to listen to _________. A. Hip Hop

Hope you all enjoyed this interview with Thomas T-Money! To stay updated with Thomas T-Money, make sure you follow him on Twitter: @ThomasTMoney and “Like” his Facebook page: Thomas “TMoney” Miceli!


  1. 1st of all good luck with your website!!! im sure youll have a lot of interesting interviews and updates with musicians,actor,actresses,important people, both upcoming and the famous.. Im pleased to read an article about this AWESOME DANCER of THE ICONIC BOYZ.. HE IS SOOO CHARMING AND TALENTED!!! WOULD LOVE TO READ AND GET MORE UPDATES ABOUT TMONEY..thanks for this Q&A get to know…. TMONEY

  2. And this one is The First News Article Just After the intro @11.11.11….
    WoW…you are amazing…

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