Get To Know More About… Tom Andrews! (@TomAndrewsMusic)

“You’ll keep me here, keep me fighting strong; ’till the break of dawn, ’till the fear is gone.” – “Carry Me On” by Tom Andrews

He is signed by Ellen DeGeneres, has a single out on iTunes titled, “Carry Me On” and has a voice that will make you hit the “replay” button over and over again on all his videos. Want to know more about the talented Tom Andrews?! Here’s your chance! I was able to have an interview with Tom Andrews and now you can “Get To Know More About” Tom Andrews!!

 Q. Name? A. Tom Andrews

Q. Where were you born? A. Ascot, UK

Q. Favorite number? A. Eight

Q. I can’t live without _________. A. Family

Q. Dream job? A. Singer

Q. Glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty? A. 1/2 Full

Q. How do you relax? A. Watch TV

Q. Who do you admire most? A. Anyone that has made a success of their life.

Q. I would love to try _______. A. Bungee jumping

Q. I love to listen to ________. A. Good music!

Q. Favorite ice-cream flavor? A. Phish Food

Q. Which is worse: No TV or No music? A. No music

Q. For just a day, I would switch places with _______. A. Lady Gaga

Q. What would be hard to give up? A. Cereals

Q. Been in a talent show? If so, what was your talent? A. Yes, singing!

Q. Favorite place you’ve visited? A. NYC

Q. Bicycle through Europe or African safari? A. African safari

 Now that you know more about Tom Andrews, make sure you keep updated with him through his Twitter: @TomAndrewsMusic and Facebook page: Tom Andrews. Also check out his Youtube channel: tomandrewsmusic!

Here is Tom Andrews’s latest Youtube video that will get you even more in the holiday spirit!

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