VIP Pass To Style: How To Dress Like Audrey Whitby! (@StarringAudreyW)

A lot of you look up to your favorite celebrities for fashion ideas and ideas on what to wear. Here’s your VIP Pass to style on how YOU can dress up like actress Audrey Whitby!!

Audrey Whitby totally rocked her outfit she wore when she attended Elizabeth Stanton’s Sweet 16 on December 18, 2011. Here are some things you might want to use when trying out Audrey Whitby’s outfit.

  • A velvet short jacket
  • A loose buttoned tank-top
  • A patterned skirt
  • Patterned stockings
  • Combat boots

Check out the pictures I have below for you guys to give you some examples you might want to use! Love Audrey’s outfit, don’t you guys?! Comment below and tell me if you like style articles like this that help you dress like your favorite celebrity!


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