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He’s in the hit Disney XD and YTV show, Mr. Young and is in the upcoming movie “Ender’s Game” set to be released in 2013. You may have also seen him on the big screen in the movie “Tooth Fairy” and while watching tv in The Haunting Hour: The Series. His name is Brendan Meyer. You’ll be seeing a lot of the talented Brendan Meyer so don’t you want to get to know more about him?? Here’s your chance! I had an interview with Brendan Meyer and now YOU can “Get To Know More About” Brendan Meyer for yourself!!

Q1. You enjoy traveling with your family; do you feel that traveling and seeing other cultures can somewhat strengthen acting skills and spark new ideas?

Brendan: Absolutely. Every new experience you get helps with your acting. As an actor you’re playing so many different people with so many different experiences. Traveling gives you a broader perspective on the human experience and it’s also a lot of fun! I’ve been inspired to write many screenplays set in different vacation spots.

Q2. You are an admirer of Shakespeare’s works; what is your favorite quote of his?

Brendan: Wow, that’s a tough question because I’ve read almost every Shakespeare play, seen many of them performed live, and have had several favourite moments! My favourite plays are Titus Andronicus, Richard III and Twelfth Night — but to narrow it down to one quote, hmm, I wouldn’t be able to do that! Sorry! My favourite Shakespeare moment is definitely the opening monologue in Richard III or pretty much everything in Titus Andronicus.

Q3. Every Friday on your show “Mr. Young”, you and the cast film in front of a live audience; do you feel like that adds more pressure, more excitement or both?

Brendan: It adds both. I feel like one of the great things about theatre is you get the excitement/nerves of being in front of the live audience, which helps you stay focused more on the task at hand. You don’t always get that luxury in film and TV, to have that immediate feedback or that feel of a live performance.

Q4. You’ve taken apart in many projects as a co-artistic director. Would directing movies be something you would be interested in, in the future?

Brendan: You bet! I’m really focused right now on being the best actor I can be, and that takes a lot of my energy, but I definitely want to become a director in the future! I have a lot of ideas for movies I’d like to make and I’ve also written several screenplays.

Q5. On set of “Mr. Young”, have you and your cast-mates ever played any pranks on one another or has there been a funny time that really stuck with you?

Brendan: Our show is pretty fast paced so we don’t have a lot of time for gags. However, after the first season they put together a gag reel so now, whenever anyone makes a mistake, we all joke that this will be one for the gag reel.

Q6. From previous roles you’ve acted in to now, do you see yourself growing as an actor?

Brendan: I sure hope so! Personally, I think I have grown as an actor as it is pretty much all I have been focusing on over the past few years. Acting is pretty subjective so I can’t really speak for other people.

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