VIP Access: Lab Rats Countdown Day 2! (@BillyUnger)

It’s that time of day again! But then again, any time of the day is time to countdown for the Disney XD show Lab Rats! Yesterday kicked off the first day of the Lab Rats countdown and now it is day two of the countdown.

Everyday until the premiere of Lab Rats on February 27th, you’ll learn a fact about actor Billy Unger, right here!!

So who wants to find out day two’s “Get To Know Billy Unger” fact?? Did I just hear a whole crowd say “YES!!”?? I think I did! Well here it is.

Billy Unger’s favorite thing to do on the weekend is play the guitar and also chill with friends!!

Make sure you’re spreading the word about Lab Rats to your friends, family and just about everyone you know! Spread the word through social medias like Twitter and let’s get Lab Rats to a trending topic!! Follow @BillyUnger.

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  1. this is an amazing idea !!! a countdown to a premier of a show, specially when the show that you are counting down is billy unger’s show lab rats. keep the coundown going..i look forward to it each and everyday. :))

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