VIP Access: Lab Rats Countdown Day 18! (@BillyUnger)

No more double digits, there is officially only nine more days until the premiere of the new Disney XD series Lab Rats.

Most of you are probably on break from school. Some of you may be going away to someplace nice and warm, or cold and icy (perfect for skiing!), or some of you may just love the fact that you’ll be able to sleep in! Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll make the best of it. But if you had a choice to go to an island cabana, European castle, safari tent or ski lodge this break, where would YOU choose to go?

In day eighteen’s “Get To Know Billy Unger” fact of the day, you get to find out where Billy Unger would like to go through my exclusive interview I had with him!

Billy Unger would rather go to an island cabana!!

Don’t forget to download the FREE Lab Rats sneak peek on iTunes!! What do you think of the episode so far??

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