VIP Pass To Style: How To Dress Like Bella Thorne! (@BellaThorne)

Calling all Bella Thorne fans!! Do you want to dress up like the totally fashionable Bella Thorne?? If you said “yes”, then you are at the right spot. Here’s your VIP pass to style on how YOU can dress up like actress Bella Thorne!!

Bella Thorne looked beautiful from head to toe at the “Radio Rebel” premiere on February 15, 2012. Bella Thorne is definitely a fashionista; but you can’t help but always notice her awesome shoes! Agree? Here are some things you might want to use when trying out Bella Thorne’s outfit.

  • A blue and white striped shirt
  • A silver or metalic blazer
  • Dark blue jeans
  • Cheetah print shoes (high-heels)
  • A gold watch
  • A long necklace

Check out the pictures below of some examples you can use when trying out Bella Thorne’s outfit. You never know what you find in your closet, you might find something similar to Bella Thorne’s “Radio Rebel” premiere outfit. Comment below and tell me, will you be trying out Bella Thorne’s outfit??


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