Ashley Argota And Tiffany Espensen Kick Off First Youtube Vid! @AshleyArgota9 @TiffyEspensen

Are you a Bucket And Skinner fan? Do you LOVE going “Behind The Scenes”? If you answered “yes” and “yes” to both of those questions then I have some news you are going to well… LOVE! Bucket And Skinner’s Epic Adventures has just created a Youtube channel where you all can get “Behind The Scenes” and information on upcoming episodes.

The two fun-loving stars of the show Ashley Argota and Tiffany Espensen kicked off the first video on the Youtube channel. Check out the video below.

When you watch the video, you might notice something on Ashley Argota’s cheek. Ashley Argota is taking part in the NOH8 Campaign!! Also, Ashley Argota tweeted out to her fans, “So glad you guys like the video! Tell you what, for every 100 views and 100 subscriptions, I will follow 25 people! GO!” Make sure you keep watching and subscribing and you might be the lucky one Ashley Argota follows!

Now make sure you tune in on Saturdays at 9pm to watch Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures on Nickelodeon. As what Tiffany Espensen says, “Don’t forget to stay up and eat your vegetables!”

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