VIP Access EXCLUSIVE: Burnham Talks About Tour And More With Alexisjoyvipaccess! @Burnham

The band Burnham just recently kicked off their first headlining tour, the “Catch Me If You Can Tour”, and already it has been a success having tons of fans support them at the shows and even selling out their concert in Connecticut! At Burnham’s NY concert, I had the pleasure of interviewing Alex, Forrest and Andre before they took the stage and asked them some questions Burnhamizers would love the answers to!

Check out my exclusive interview with Burnham below!

If Burnham is coming to your town/city, be sure to go see them perform on the “Catch Me If You Can” tour! It’s a performance you definitely would not want to miss! And if Burnham isn’t coming to your town/city on this tour, have no fear, because they will be back again on the road this spring and they might just be hitting up your city! Be sure to follow Burnham on Twitter: @Burnham for frequent updates from the band and check out their website: .

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