VIP Access: “On My Own” Countdown Day 11! (@MissErinUnger)

My excitement radar is going off the roof and yours must be too knowing that Erin Unger’s debut EP “On My Own” comes out on iTunes in only eleven more days!!

All this excitement calls for another Erin Unger fact, don’t you guys think?! Check out day eleven’s “Get To Know Erin Unger” fact of the day and you get to find out whether Erin Unger is more of a dog person or cat person!

Erin Unger is more of a dog person!

Comment below and tell me, are you more of a dog person like Erin or more of a cat person?

Make sure you are telling everyone you know about Erin Unger’s upcoming EP “On My Own” releasing on iTunes on March 22nd! Be sure to tweet “#OnMyOwn” on Twitter and let’s trend it for Erin Unger!

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