VIP Access Exclusive: McClain Siblings Give A Shoutout To Alexisjoyvipaccess (@RealChinaAnne)

You know China Anne McClain as Chyna Parks, the amazing actress on the Disney Channel tv show A.N.T. Farm. Now the talented trio, China Anne, Sierra, and Lauryn McClain have recently been signed with Hollywood Records! Not to forget their adorable brother Gabriel. In simple words, they are the magnificent McClains!

Check out this Alexisjoyvipaccess VIP Access Exclusive of the McClain siblings giving a shoutout to Alexisjoyvipaccess. In the second video, China Anne McClain gives another shoutout to Alexis Joy of Alexisjoyvipaccess who also works for DisneyInfoNet.

China Anne McClain also gave an awesome signed NYC Mickey Mouse memorabilia to Alexisjoyvipaccess, check out the picture below! Thanks China!

Thanks China, Sierra, Lauryn, and Gabe McClain for the awesome shoutout!

Make sure you follow each one of the McClain siblings on Twitter and catch China Anne McClain on A.N.T. Farm every Friday on Disney Channel. Don’t forget to stay tuned with the McClain sisters’ music!

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