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Jack Skuller at a recording studio session.

“I want to do music because it’s what I am and I feel it in me.” – Jack Skuller

Sixteen-year-old singer and songwriter Jack Skuller has music flowing through his soul and knew he wanted to be a musician ever since he was younger. Jack Skuller’s unique vibe in his music can be seen in his upcoming EP Driver’s Permit set to be released not too far away this spring. Jack Skuller already has songs out like “Love Is A Drum” and “S.U.R.E”.

Jack Skuller already has his own mass of fans. As a treat for St. Patrick’s Day here at Alexisjoyvipaccess, Jack Skuller fans “Get To Know More About” Jack Skuller through my exclusive interview I had with him. If you are just learning about Jack Skuller, take a look below at my exclusive interview with Jack Skuller as well to “Get To Know More About” a talented musician who might just become your new obsession!

Q1. Your debut EP “Driver’s Permit” will be released this Spring, can you tell us a little bit about it?

Jack: Sure!  There are a lot of attributing factors that shape the EP but what consistently flows through it from start to finish is rock and roll.  It’s what I grew up on and where my roots come from, and it’s also what comes through me as an artist.  Making the EP was a really thrilling ride – 12 days of nonstop music and creativity!

Q2. What made you decide that you’d like to focus your life on music?

Jack:  Music is something I’ve been around my entire life, and it’s a huge part of me!  I’ve been watching people perform since I was in a stroller, really.  Something in me has always geared me towards music.  It’s what I’m most passionate about.

Q3. How would you describe your music?

Jack: Some would say that my genre is kind of a hybrid of many different generations of rock because of my broad range of influences – but in one phrase, which sums it all up for me, it’s simply rock and roll!

Q4. You play not just one, but a few instruments. Can you tell us what they are and which one(s) you’ll be incorporating in your EP?

Jack:  I started on the piano when I was little, and a few years later taught myself drums and picked up the guitar.  My EP’s “instrument list” is so extensive that I can hardly count them (trumpets, saxophones, strings, and electric piano to name a few).  I played all the guitar parts, a little percussion here and there, and put down some deep, tribal drum tracks on “Love is a Drum”!  Not only an exhilarating time but an intense learning experience in the studio as well.  From guitar I also know a little bass and I recently started teaching myself the harmonica!

Q5. Who are some musicians that inspire you or your music?

Jack: Elvis Presley is a huge one, along with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Adele, the Black Keys… A huge range in time, I know!

Q6. Where would your dream concert arena to perform at be? (ex. Madison Square Garden, Staples Center)

Jack: My first huge concert was Bon Jovi at the old Giants Stadium.  That would be an awesome place to play, but I’d also love to play Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ.  I saw Bob Dylan there a few years ago, and the place has so much historical significance in rock and roll!

Q7. Years from now, where would you like to see yourself and your music?

Jack: You never really know where a music career will go.  I know for sure that in years time I’ll be doing what I love and I’ll be happy!  Being on a world tour would be really cool.  I know that music is something I’ll always have with me; I’m gonna keep doing it until the day I die and maybe a few days after that.

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