VIP Access EXCLUSIVE: Erin Unger Talks About Her EP With Alexisjoyvipaccess @MissErinUnger

I can’t help but “Smile” when I say “Today is the day!”, Erin Unger fans! You have all joined me here at Alexisjoyvipaccess for the past twenty-two days to countdown to the debut of Erin Unger’s EP “On My Own” on iTunes and each day you were able to “Get To Know More About” Erin Unger through some exclusive Erin Unger facts!

As I’ve mentioned, today will be your favorite “Get To Know Erin Unger” fact yet! It was very much a pleasure to interview Erin Unger and now you can check out and read my exclusive interview with the talented and lovely Erin Unger below!

Make sure you buy Erin Unger’s EP “On My Own” which consists of four of her own self-written songs, “On My Own”, “Smile”, “Little Girl”, and “Just Like You” for $3.96. You can buy “On My Own” by clicking the link here: . I’ve already bought Erin Unger’s EP and love it so what are you waiting for? Go buy it now on iTunes and tell all your friends, family and relatives to buy it too! “On My Own” or with friends, Erin Unger’s EP has uplifting, feel-good songs you wouldn’t want to stop listening to!

Also, make sure you watch Erin Unger’s official music video for “On My Own” below. Subscribe to her Youtube channel: MissErinUnger

Congrats Erin on an absolutely fantastic EP!!

Alexisjoyvipaccess: Your E.P. “On My Own” is coming out on iTunes on March 22nd, what type of music should we be looking forward to hear on your EP?

Erin: The cool thing about my music is it’s a mix of a bunch of different styles; it’s mostly pop with a little bit of country and also a little bit of rock.

Alexisjoyvipaccess: What is your favorite song off your EP?

Erin: My favorite song… I don’t know, I wrote all the songs on the EP so it’s hard to choose just one but I think my favorite one would probably be “Little Girl” because it just has a really good message about a girl who kind of grows up and leaves home, doesn’t really know where to go and she finds her way and realizes that where she really wants to be is back home.

Alexisjoyvipaccess: What inspired you to start singing?

Erin: I don’t know if there’s actually one particular moment that inspired me because I wanted to sing my entire life; but I’m thinking it would probably, if there was one moment, it was my first concert which was Shania Twain when I was like four years old; and she was so amazing the way she captured her audience on stage that I just loved it. I fell in love with singing and I just wanted to do it every single day.

Alexisjoyvipaccess: If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be?

Erin: Probably LIGHTS. I don’t know if she’s very well known in the US but she is a Canadian artist and she’s kind of like electropop-ish. She does a lot of her music with like synths and stuff and I love her music! She is amazing! I went to her concert recently and it was the coolest experience of my life, I love it.

Alexisjoyvipaccess: Through your music, if you could bring out one message to your fans, what would it be?

Erin: Probably just be true to yourself, stay true to who you are and if you’re ever lost and you can’t find your way, follow your heart because your heart will tell you where to go no matter what.

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