Zendaya: “The Only One Who Could Rock A Rolly Backpack!” (@Zendaya96)

Starting off a new school year and one of the many excitements include getting a new backpack; although sometimes we can underestimate the amount of space we would need in our backpacks to put in all our books. When Zendaya use to go to a normal school like you readers do everyday (she now is schooled along with Bella Thorne on the set of Shake It Up), she used a rolling backpack!!

Zendaya spilled her backpack school story to BOP Magazine in their April issue and said, “My parents made me get a rolling backpack. My other backpack got too heavy. It was horrible.”

But of course Zendaya totally knew how to rock that rolling backpack! In fact, Zendaya said to BOP Magazine  “My friends always said, “You’re the only one who could rock a rolly backpack!””

It just goes to show you, yes, YOU can start off new trends without even knowing it!! Not a surprise that Zendaya rocked the rolling backpack; hey, Zendaya can rock anything don’t you guys agree?!

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