Lab Rats Cast Visit Patients At Children’s Hospital @BillyUnger @KelliBerglund @SpencerBoldman


LOVE Lab Rats?? LOVE the Lab Rats cast?? Well as if you needed another reason to LOVE the Lab Rats cast even more… wait until you hear this! The Lab Rats cast had a special day today as they spent some time with the patients at The Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Not only did they put big smiles on the patients’ faces but they watched an episode of Lab Rats with them too!

Don’t you guys love hearing about heartwarming stories like these?? The Lab Rats cast tweeted about their time at The Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Billy Unger tweeted, “At The Children’s Hospital with @LollipopTheater watching an episode of #LabRats with the patients! I’ve made so many great friends!! :)” and “Had the most amazing time w/ the patents @ The Childrens Hospital! These kids are truly inspiring! #MuchLove.”

Kelli Berglund tweeted, “Had such a great time with @lollipoptheater meeting some amazing kids at the Children’s Hospital of LA. Hope to visit again soon. (:”

Spencer Boldman tweeted, “Thanks to @LollipopTheater for hosting my visit with the cast to the Children’s Hospital LA, met some really inspiring kids today!”

Don’t forget, there’s an all new episode of Lab Rats on April 6th on the Disney Channel at 8:00 pm, “Exoskeleton vs. Grandma”!! Be sure to tune in!

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