VIP Access Exclusive: Introducing You To The Lucki Gurlz! (@LuckiGurlz)


You guys remember the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child right?? (Who doesn’t?!) Well with a new generation comes some new talents and here at Alexisjoyvipaccess, I’m “Lucki” to introduce you all to the very talented group, the Lucki Gurlz.

Lucki Starr, Lucki Zan, Lucki Rae, Lucki Sam and Lucki Bree together make up the Lucki Gurlz. The Lucki Gurlz have a Pop and R&B vibe that with each of the Gurlz’s different personalities and fierce, girl-power, makes the Lucki Gurlz a very unique group!

Now that you got to learn about the Lucki Gurlz as a whole, let’s get to know a little bit more about each of the Lucki Gurlz!

Meet Lucki Starr: Alexis Gordon, a.k.a. Lucki Starr has had her face in the industry ever since she was younger, starting off with modeling at a young age of two to competitive dancing for ten years to becoming a NBA Nets Kid Dancer for four years. Lucki Starr has also modeled for Toys R Us and Macy’s (to name a few) and was even in Beyonce’s “Let’s Move” music video!

Meet Lucki Zan: Zan Bongiovi, a.k.a. Lucki Zan has had a passion in all types of entertainment ever since, whether it be dancing which she started at a very young age or modeling for a New York Dance Catalog, Dance Couture. Lucki Zan was even featured in “The Last Airbender”.

Meet Lucki Rae: Reagan Justiniano, a.k.a. Lucki Rae has actress, dancer, singer (and more) all in her resume! She danced at Carnegie Hall with New York Performing Arts Center and was the lead singer to a band in Rock Camp during the summer of 2010. How cool?!

Meet Lucki Sam: Samira Tara Alfarius, a.k.a. Lucki Sam puts the interanational in the Lucki Gurlz. She performed for the ambassador of Indonesia and performed as an opening act at “IndoOut 2011”.

Meet Lucki Bree: Brevin Parsons, a.k.a. Lucki Bree doesn’t only dance because she loves to… but also takes time to teach young performers how to dance hip-hop. Lucki Bree has the unique talent of being a National Champion equestrian rider. She also was in Beyonce’s “Let’s Move” music video!

Feel like you have all the Lucki Gurlz 411?? Well then don’t forget to stay updated with the Lucki Gurlz through their social media networks. Also stay tuned here at Alexisjoyvipaccess for more Lucki Gurlz updates and interviews! (Yup, INTERVIEWS!!!)

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