Aloha! Caroline Sunshine And Adam Irigoyen,Trip To Hawaii! @4CastIsSunshine @AdamIrigoyen


Aloha from Caroline Sunshine and Adam Irigoyen!! Riding horses through the Island of the Kings, going to a luau, going to the beaches and more, can we all agree that sounds like a perfect trip?! The Shake It Up! stars shared their time in paradise with all their fans by tweeting and sharing pictures. How nice of Caroline and Adam to make us all feel like we were on their trip to Hawaii with them?!

Take a look at the pictures below Caroline Sunshine and Adam Irigoyen shared for a recap on their trip to Hawaii. It looks like Caroline brought “sunshine” to Hawaii as well… but then again, everywhere Caroline goes she brings “sunshine” to the people around her! (No pun intended!)

To see even more pictures from Caroline Sunshine and Adam Irigoyen’s Hawaiian adventure, make sure you follow them on their Twitter and Instagram accounts!

Follow Caroline Sunshine on Twitter: @4CastIsSunshine and on Instagram: csunshine

Follow Adam Irigoyen on Twitter: @AdamIrigoyen and on Instagram: kingofcubanswag

As an update, Caroline and Adam are now back to their homes in LA. I’m happy they had a fantastic time in Hawaii and got back home safe! I wonder what their favorite part of the trip was!

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