Jordan Jansen Releases His First Original Song “Undercover Baby” (@JordanJansen)


The day we ALL have been waiting for has finally arrived… the release of the talented Aussie singer Jordan Jansen’s first original song “Undercover Baby” from his album. Even listening to the song for fifty seconds you will instantly love it! Jordan Jansen shared the official video to his song onto his Youtube channel yesterday and has been overwhelmed with all the support his Jordaneers (a.k.a Jordan Jansen fans) have been giving him!

And to top it all off, “Undercover Baby” even trended on Twitter! Jordan Jansen tweeted, “OMG you guys are incredible, Undercover Baby is trending worldwide on twitter, luv you guys so much <3”

Now if you guys LOVE what you hear… there is NO doubt you will absolutely LOVE Jordan Jansen’s album!! But until then, make sure you take a listen to Jordan Jansen’s super-catchy and cheerful song below. After don’t forget to share it around to everyone you know. Also, send Jordan’s song “Undercover Baby” to your local radio stations for them to take a listen!

Want to read my VIP ACCESS Exclusive interview I had with Jordan Jansen a little while ago where he talks about what to look forward to in his upcoming album, who he would like to collaborate with, the message he’d like to bring out to his fans through his music AND more? Check it out here:

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