The Bomb Digz ‘1Derful’ Remix Of What Makes You Beautiful @The_Bomb_Digz @ThomasTMoney


Anyone else obsessed with The Bomb Digz’s remixes?? It all started with their remix of Bruno Mars’s “It Will Rain”, then with Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” and now The Bomb Digz remind YOU “What Makes You Beautiful” in their newest remix of One Direction’s hit song!! You can download The Bomb Digz’s all new remix right here: .

Also, if any of you know the rap verse done by Thomas TMoney in the “What Makes You Beautiful” cover, make sure you post a video for The Bomb Digz to see! The Bomb Digz tweeted, “has anyone learned @ThomasTMoney rap from our WMYB remix? if you know it, post a video of it so we can check you out #YaDigz.”

Go on and check out The Bomb Digz’s remix of “What Makes You Beautiful”. Then after, comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc what you think of it!! What song would you like to see The Bomb Digz put a spin to next?? Don’t forget to share their all new remix through all your social media networks!

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