Allisyn Arm And Audrey Whitby Sweet Sixteen Bash Beauties! @Allisyn_A_Arm @StarringAudreyW

Grab your beach chairs and your baiting suits… it’s not yet beach time but it was Allisyn Arm and Audrey Whitby’s beach-themed sweet sixteen bash! The lovely So Random! stars had a joint birthday party a few days ago and Allisyn Arm shared these amazing pictures from the party through her Twitter. The girls had a blast celebrating with all their close friends! Hey, look at that, actor Blake Michael was dj-ing at Allisyn and Audrey’s party!!

Audrey Whitby tweeted, “@allisyn_a_arm I will NEVER forget our Sweet 16-I love u! Thanks to all our peeps who came out and @BlakeMichael14 for the sick music!”

Check out the pictures below of the girls’ awesome birthday bash! I’m so glad Allisyn, Audrey and all their guests had an amazing time!!

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