VIP Access EXCLUSIVE: Sierra McClain’s Fav Part About Filming Rise Video @MyNameIsSisi


The McClain sisters’ music video to the inspiring and touching song “Rise” is very soon approaching one million views on their VEVO account. The beautiful Sierra McClain answered a VIP Access EXCLUSIVE question I asked her and now all you Very Important People get to find out what Sierra’s favorite part about filming the “Rise” video was.

Alexisjoyvipaccess: VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE question: What was your favorite part about filming the “Rise” music video?! :)

Sierra McClain: Getting to do it with my sisters most definitely! :) <333

Isn’t it wonderful how much of a strong bond the McClain sisters have?? It’s so great to see these three very talented girls whose voices are super powerful doing what they love to do!

I wonder what China Anne and Lauryn’s favorite part about filming the “Rise” video is!!

Make sure you watch and share the McClain sisters’ “Rise” music video around so it can get to one million views and beyond! Check it out here:

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