Call Them Maybe! Teala Dunn’s New Youtube Video With Friends! (@ttlyteala @olivia_holt)

You may have seen many people make their own videos to the instant hit song, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen but without any doubt, this video will be your favorite one yet! Teala Dunn uploaded a new video onto her Youtube account yesterday of her and her awesome friends having fun along with the song “Call Me Maybe”. Also in the video is Olivia Holt, Kat McNamara, Luke Benward (who are all in the upcoming Disney Channel movie, Girl VS Monster) and Sterling Beaumon.

It looks like everyone had a blast making this video! Teala did a great job putting it together, don’t you guys think?! Make sure you check out Teala’s new Youtube video below with Olivia, Kat, Luke and Sterling! Don’t forget to comment and share it around to all your friends!

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