Jessica Jarrell Covers Frank Ocean’s Song “Swim Good” (@JessicaJarrell)


It’s “Fantastic Friday” for all you Jessica Jarrell fans, because the super talented singer just released her cover of Frank Ocean’s song “Swim Good”. Jessica Jarrell was overwhelmed with all the excitement of her fans on Twitter when she announced that she will be posting a cover; and she definitely did not disappoint!! If you have heard the original song “Swim Good” and then listened to Jessica Jarrell’s recent cover, you will LOVE Jessica’s twist to the song. Not to mention Jessica’s incredible voice!!

Hey Jessica, I think your fans can agree that we would LOVE a download of your “Swim Good” cover, am I right Jessica Jarrell fans?! And for another excitement… Jessica Jarrell will be posting another cover sometime too! She wrote along with this picture in this article which she shared on her Instagram, “Did 2 covers today…first one coming tonight at 7! Xo.”

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