Billy Unger And Leo Howard Get Active With A Rope Climbing Race @BillyUnger @IAmLeoHoward


The weather is getting warmer and school is almost out, so how are you getting active? Well Disney XD stars Billy Unger from Lab Rats and Leo Howard from Kickin’ It both got active in the latest Disney ‘Magic of Healthy Living’ segment by rope climbing!! Now most of you Billy Unger and Leo Howard fans know that both of them are already super active to begin with, but their activeness was put to the test when they had a rope climbing race!

Check out the Disney ‘Magic of Healthy Living’ segment below where Billy Unger and Leo Howard race to the top of the rope! But before you do, take the Alexisjoyvipaccess poll and tell me who YOU think will win, is it Billy or Leo? Then find out the answer below!

It’s awesome that some of your favorite Disney stars are encouraging their fans to get up off their seats and get active! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what do YOU do to get active?

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  1. Oh my God,LEO Z GONNA WIN!! coz of his karate stuff he got goin on,nd hez really flexible.I LLLOOOVVVEEE LEO HOWARD!!!!! Hez AWESOME Plus hez super cute,i min look how cute he is on d pic where he is playin d guitar:D

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