Be Sure To Tune In: A.N.T. Farm Season Two Premiere TONIGHT! (@Zendaya96)


What’s better than an ALL NEW episode of A.N.T. Farm?! Well… TWO back-to-back all new episodes of A.N.T. Farm, of course! Tonight is the second season premiere of A.N.T. Farm starting at 8:00 pm ET/PT with the episodes “creative consultANT” and “infANT”. Not to mention, Shake It Up! star Zendaya will be guest-starring on the “Creative ConsultANT” episode.

In “creative consultANT”, Zendaya plays Sequoia Jones, a movie star who comes to Webster High to follow Chyna’s every move to help her with an upcoming movie role. In the episode, Chyna, played by China Anne McClain sings “DNA”.

In “infANT”, it’s up to Chyna, Olive and Fletcher to take care of a baby; but not just any baby! That baby is thought to be a prodigy! We will have to tune in and see what it takes Chyna, Olive and Fletcher to uncover the baby’s actual talent!

Sounds like A.N.T. Farm fans are in for a treat tonight!! Or shall I say in for a DOUBLE treat!! Make sure you tune in tonight to the Disney Channel at 8:00 pm ET/PT for the second season premiere of A.N.T. Farm!!

Take the poll below if you will be tuning in to tonight’s A.N.T. Farm second season premiere or tweet me your answer to @alexisjoyvipacc! I can’t wait to see tonight’s all new back-to-back episodes! Go A.N.T. Farm!!

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