Bella Thorne Gets Involved And Gives Back With The Do Something Campaign! (@BellaThorne)


Actress Bella Thorne may be busy between Shake It Up, her music and all her other upcoming projects; but that doesn’t stop Bella from thinking about ways to give back to others! Bella Thorne is currently taking part in the Do Something Campaign to give back to students who are less fortunate. Join Bella Thorne, and Staples and gather up as many school supplies you can and drop them off at your nearest Staples center! You can drop off school supplies at the Staples center nearest you from July 1st to September 15th!

I know what I’ll be doing this summer! Definitely donating some school supplies I have to Staples to give back to students in need! Think about it, you may have extra school supplies that you won’t even use throughout the school year! Instead of putting it to waste, give it to a student in need!

It’s amazing that Bella Thorne is taking part in this wonderful campaign! She’s such a giving person don’t you guys agree?!

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