Kat McNamara And Joel Courtney At The Let It Shine Premiere @Kat_McNamara @JoelCourtney


Actress Kat McNamara and actor Joel Courtney attended the premiere of  Disney Channel’s original movie, Let It Shine yesterday, June 5, 2012 at the Directors Guild Of America in Los Angeles, California. They shared these great pictures in this article of the fun they had at the premiere. Kat McNamara and Joel Courtney both star in the upcoming movie Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn. In fact, that’s where the two best-friends met!

Joel Courtney tweeted, “One year ago today, I had my callback for Tom in Tom Sawyer. And I first met @Kat_McNamara at that callback. #BestFriends.”

Not only did Kat McNamara reunite with Joel Courtney, but she also renuited with her Girl V.S. Monster cast-mates Olivia Holt and Kerris Dorsey at the premiere!

Check out these pictures of Kat McNamara and Joel Courtney at the premiere! Also take a look below at a video of Kat McNamara as she looks gorgeous on the red carpet! Looks like Kat and Joel had a blast at the premiere! I hope they enjoyed the movie!!

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