Liz Stanton Lets The Fun Begin With Season Two Of ESGBW! (@LizMStanton)


Liz Stanton is up, up, and away on a plane and ready to let the fun begin! Liz is kicking off her summer by travelling and filming for the second season of her show Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World. Liz along with some of her other celebrity friends travel around the world in her show! But not only do they get to see the different cultures among the places they visit, they even help those that are less fortunate!

Like in the episode of Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World where Liz and her friends visited Nairobi and visited a school full of children who are less fortunate. What a great show! Not only is Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World interesting and educational, but Liz uses this opportunity to give back to those who are in need!

Liz Stanton tweeted, “And the summer travels begin! ESGBW filming for season two! Let’s get it!” I hope Liz Stanton has a blast on her travels and I can’t wait for the second season of Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World!

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