Olivia Holt And Leo Howard Rock Out At The Van Halen Concert @Olivia_Holt @IAmLeoHoward


Kickin’ It stars Olivia Holt and Leo Howard rocked out at the legendary Van Halen concert last night. Last night’s concert was Leo Howard’s second Van Halen concert he went to out of the ‘A Different Kind Of Truth Tour’. Leo Howard tweeted, “Van halen number 2 baby!!!!”

Olivia Holt shared this picture in this article through her Instagram and wrote, “Had soo much fun tonight:) #vanhalen #staplescenter #rockon”. Olivia then tweeted, “Van Halen rocked the staple center tonight. Had such a great time with my dad, bro & the Howard fam! Eddie killed that guitar solo. #amazed.”

Wow! Olivia Holt and Leo Howard must’ve had the greatest time at the Van Halen concert! What a terrific experience seeing THE Eddie Van Halen shred on his guitar!!

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