McClain Siblings Have A Blast At Katy Perry’s Concert!


“California Gurls”… and boy! The McClain siblings, China Anne, Sierra, Lauryn, and Gabriel had a blast yesterday at Katy Perry’s concert! China tweeted, “Wow. Katy Perry just walked right behind me. Shes gorg @katyperry.” She then shared a gif on her Gifboom account of her and her siblings enjoying the concert. Along with the gif she wrote, “Watching Katy Perry perform :) She’s kinda AMAZING.” Agreed!

Lauryn McClain tweeted, “Classy night. Enjoyed every moment of it. Now extremely exhausted, but still had heaps of fun. Love u all <3 Xx.” Lauryn also shared a gif on her Gifboom account and wrote, “Katy Perry performing last night. Such an amazing, talented artist! Had heaps of fun..”

I’m glad the McClain siblings had a blast at the concert last night!! The concert must’ve been very exciting, colorful and entertaining!

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