Never Say Never! Austin Mahone Meets Justin Bieber At The Elvis Duran Show 6/21/12


As what worldwide, singing sensation, Justin Bieber said himself, Never Say Never!! Singer Austin Mahone met his inspiration Justin Bieber today at the Elvis Duran Show. For all you Austin Mahone fans, you may know that Austin Mahone is a big fan of Justin Bieber and his music. Austin Mahone has done many covers of Justin Bieber’s songs like “Baby”, “One Less Lonely Girl” and “Mistletoe”. Now out with his own music, Austin Mahone will be having his own concert this Friday night.

Austin Mahone shared this picture in this article through his Instagram and wrote, “Met my inspiration @justinbieber Finally(: THANK U @ElvisDuran.” He then tweeted, “Thanks @ElvisDuran for having me on the show this morning! This was the best day of my life(:”

As if this whole day wasn’t awesome enough for Austin, “Justin and Austin” even trended on Twitter!! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what would you think if Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone worked on a song together?? Are you going to Austin Mahone’s concert Friday night in NYC?? I want to know!

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