VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE Contest: WIN A Constant Motion CD Signed By Mikey Wax! (@MikeyWax)


Do you love singer/ songwriter Mikey Wax’s songs like “In Case I Go Again” and “Counting On You”? Can’t get enough of Mikey Wax’s music and want a whole CD’s worth of songs? What if I told you that you… yes, YOU, can win Mikey Wax’s latest album “Constant Motion”? I can see your excitement already! But what if that wasn’t all? What if that CD that you can win was SIGNED by Mikey Wax himself?!

So you’re probably wondering… HOW, HOW, HOW can I win this CD? Well, after my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the awesome Mikey Wax (which you should make sure you have checked out here: ), I told you there will be another Mikey “Wax Wednesday” special; and here it is! Take a look at the rules below and see how you can win a SIGNED Mikey Wax “Constant Motion” CD in this VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE Contest!

Here’s how YOU can win a SIGNED Mikey Wax “Constant Motion” CD!

1. You MUST be following Mikey Wax on Twitter (@MikeyWax), “Like” Mikey Wax on Facebook (Mikey Wax Music), and subcribe to Mikey Wax on Youtube (MikeyWaxMusic).

  • If you don’t have one of those social media networks, don’t worry! Just make sure you if you have any of those, a Twitter, Facebook, Youtube; that you are connected with Mikey Wax!

2. You also have to be following Alexisjoyvipaccess on Twitter (@alexisjoyvipacc), “Like” Alexisjoyvipaccess on Facebook: alexisjoyvipaccess and Subscribe to Alexisjoyvipaccess on Youtube: alexisjoyvipaccess!

3. Now, LAST but DEFINITELY not least… Leave a comment in the comments section below why YOU should win this Constant Motion CD signed by Mikey Wax! Tell me in your comment what makes you the biggest Mikey Wax fan out there! Don’t forget to leave your Twitter name (if you have one!) so I can contact the winner if they won!

Good luck Mikey Wax fans! This contest will be opened up until July 30th and there is no limit in the amount of entries! This contest is open to residents of the United States only!

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  1. I knew you would come through with an AMAZING Mikey Wax Wednesday ! I do believe that I am the BIGGEST MW Fan, but I already have two signed copies of ConstantMotion! I would NEVER want to keep a new listener who NEEDS to hear Mikey’s music from the awesome prize!! Knowing Mikey is prize enough for me! :). Thanks for helping to get his music out there! You Rock!!!

  2. I have been acknowledged of Mikey Wax since 2008 and since then I have not been able to resist listening to his vibrant tunes. Its extraordinary and positively astounding how much he has accomplished with another entrancing album: “Constant Motion” to give to his fans. Since the first song I heard “In Case I Go Again”, a fair few of Mikey’s songs have been the sole inspiration behind a few artworks that I have done. There is no doubt that Mikey Wax has become a muse for me.

    It was positively a dream come true to be given the opportunity to be able to see Mikey perform live twice in one year. One of my continuous goals is to introduce Mikey Wax’s music to whomever I become acquainted with. There are no words that can perfectly depict the impact his songs has been for me. But I can show you.

    Here is a portrait I drew of Mikey Wax.

    Much appreciation for spreading the music of Mikey Wax around.
    Keep up the hard work and dedication you have towards music. :)

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