Stefanie Scott Has A Long Day At The Airport 7/1/12! (@StefanieScott1)


Who can manage to be stuck at an airport for so long yet still look so lovely? That would happen to be Stefanie Scott. A.N.T. Farm star Stefanie Scott was heading out to Orlando today and started her day off early with a wake-up call of 4:00 am. Stefanie Scott shared this pretty picture of herself through her Twitter of being stuck at the airport and wrote, “Been at the airport since 4am and had an emergency landing. Back in LAX. Hopefully I’ll get to Orlando soon!”

Aw man! Stefanie Scott will be staying in Orlando for a week. She tweeted yesterday, “Packing for Florida. Looking forward to spending the next week there in Orlando and meeting some of you guys there :)”

I hope Stefanie Scott gets to Orlando safely and has a great week spending her time there!

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