Allisyn Arm Checks Off Climbing Mt. Whitney From Her Bucket List! (@Allisyn_A_Arm)


4:30 am wakeup call? Check! Headlamp on? Check! Climbing 14, 505 feet? Check, Check, CHECK! Actress Allisyn Ashley Arm had the most breathtaking view as she had a memorable experience of climbing Mt. Whitney. Allisyn tweeted, “4:30am. Got my headlamp on, ready to climb Mt Whitney, the highest point in the continental US! ‪#WishMeLuck‬.”

What a fantastic view Allisyn had! Allisyn had a great experience summiting Mt. Whitney and shared these incredible pictures that are in this article through her Instagram account. Take a look at that, Allisyn and her friends were even planking on Mt. Whitney!

These are fantastic pictures and I’m glad Allisyn Arm had a wonderful experience that not many people are able to do! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, would you ever climb Mt. Whitney?? What is something that is on your bucket list that you’d like to check off?

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