Article: Crikey! Check Out This Clip From The All New A.N.T. Farm Episode “endurANTS” With Guest Star Billy Unger


Crikey! It’s time to get some vegemite and get ready for an all new A.N.T. Farm episode, “endurANTS”. In this all new episode, watch as the A.N.T.s go down under! Fletcher starts to get tired of people thinking he’s a coward; so he goes to the outback all on his own!! When Chyna realizes what Fletcher has gotten himself into, she starts to worry if Fletcher will survive in the outback alone!

Actor Billy Unger takes a shot at his Australian accent (which by the way, he does very well!) in “endurANTS” as he guest stars as Australian wilderness expert, Neville!

Check out this clip from the episode below then make sure you tune in this Friday, July 13th at 8:00PM to see the full episode!!

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