Article: IM5 And Bella Thorne’s Performance At The Teen Choice Awards After Party 7/22/12


 IM5 and Bella Thorne had their premiere of their song “Can’t Stay Away” just recently and their fans have overwhelmed them with support towards their catchy song! It was an amazing experience for the talented IM5 and Bella Thorne as they performed for the first time their song “Can’t Stay Away” at the Teen Choice Awards After Party, yesterday, July 22, 2012 at The Globe Theatre at Universal Studios in Universal City, California.

After their performance, Bella Thorne, IM5 and many others who attended the Teen Choice Awards After Party helped DoSomething.Org and Staples fill backpacks for kids in need! How incredible?!

Check out this absolutely amazing performance of IM5 and Bella Thorne yesterday at the Teen Choice Awards After Party! All their hard work and rehearsal time totally payed off; don’t you guys agree?!


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