Dylan Riley Snyder Dandy At Cymphonique Miller’s Sweet Sixteen Bash 7/27/12! (@DylanRSnyder)


Kickin’ It star, Dylan Riley Snyder looked very dandy as he attended Cymphonique Miller’s Sweet Sixteen Bash yesterday, July 27, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Dylan Snyder enjoyed his time at the party with some friends who also attended the event including Kat McNamara, Jadin Gould, Danika Yarosh, Daphne Blunt, and more! Dylan Snyder even got a breast cancer awareness temporary tattoo from Glittertainment in honor of his Nana!

Dylan Snyder shared his fun time at the party through all these pictures in this article which was shared on his Twitter account. It looks like Dylan had a blast at Cymphonique Miller’s Sweet Sixteen!

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