Adam Irigoyen Enjoying His Time Reading Fan Mail! (@AdamIrigoyen)


Have you sent fan mail to Adam Irigoyen? Chances are he may be reading the one you sent to him, right now!! Adam Irigoyen is enjoying his time reading loads of fan mail his awesome and very devoted fans have sent him. Adam Irigoyen shared these pictures in this article through his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Along with the picture Adam Irigoyen wrote, “Reading my fan mail. Thank you so much for all the love!”

Adam Irigoyen has some wonderful fans! Now all you Adam Irigoyen fans know that Adam Irigoyen always reads his fan mails that you all send him! He’s just awesome!

Follow Adam Irigoyen on Twitter: @AdamIrigoyen and on Instagram: @KingOfCubanSwag

Want to send fanmail to Adam Irigoyen? Here is where you can send it to!

Adam Irigoyen
c/o The Talent Company
P.O. Box 4227
Burbank, CA 91503

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