Article: Jessica Jarrell Does A Mindblowing Mashup Of “Call Me Maybe”/ “Payphone” With Fellow Musicians!


The song “Call Me Maybe” and “Payphone” is just about playing everywhere you go and in my opinion, I can never get enough of both of those songs! But have you ever heard these two hit songs… combined?! Well let this be your first! Jessica Jarrell did a mindblowing mashup of “Call Me Maybe” and “Payphone” with fellow musicians Kurt Schneider, James Alan and Jake Broido.

Check out this amazing video below of the “Call Me Maybe”/ “Payphone” mashup! Not only are the vocals incredible but it’s a very creative video too! Check out the real payphone in the video! So cool!

Excellent job on the mashup guys! I say there should be a download to this awesome mashup, what do you guys think?! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc what you think of their “Call Me Maybe”/ “Payphone” mashup!

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